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Tip of the Week: Mobile App for iPhone and Android

TimeSolv mobile apps for time entries on the go.

[socialmedia] Continuing on our theme from last week’s tip, we’re continuing our look at how to use and access TimeSolv when you’re not on your computer or not online. The best part of using cloud-based, online software is the ability to access the system anywhere and that includes on-the-go with your ubiquitous smartphone. TimeSolv has…

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Furthering the Case for Fixed Fee Billing

Furthering the case for fixed fee billing

[socialmedia]   Numerous tasks go into the completion of a legal matter. While some of these responsibilities are directly related to the advancement of the case and its objectives, others are less imperative and essentially serve to only increase the number of billable hours with no furtherance of the matter. While potentially profitable, the latter…

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Becoming the “go-to” firm in a profitable practice area

Become the "go-to" firm in a profitable area

[socialmedia] There is a saying that goes, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” This concept is true in a number of industries and the legal profession is no exception. While many practices offer representation in a variety of legal matters, there is unquestionable value in establishing your firm as a leader in specific areas…

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Tip of the Week: Get Your Sync On

TimeSync screen capture

[socialmedia] Look, it may feel like you’re always connected to the internet. Sometimes it probably feels like a tether you can’t get away from. But the fact remains, there will be some instances where you’re meeting with a client and don’t have access to the internet. Really. It does happen! That’s where our Monday Tip…

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Why is Easy Invoicing Software So Hard to Find?

furstrated accountant

[socialmedia] Solo attorneys, small firm lawyers, and other client-facing professionals have their hands full. They have to find clients, create proposals, service those clients’ needs, manage support staff, often all at once. This includes a lot of “business” work for professionals whose primary objective and background is in providing a professional service, not in having…

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Tips for Creating a Legal Project Management Schedule, Part III

Setting a budget

[socialmedia] Congratulations on reaching the final stages of Legal Project Management (LPM) task planning. I told you it wasn’t intimidating! You broke the matter down into smaller tasks, assigned those tasks to specific firm members and allocated set time periods for completion. Now, you can deal with the final piece of the elephant, which is defining…

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Tip of the Week: Flexible Billing Templates

Flexible billing template

[socialmedia] We’re starting a new feature here on the TimeSolv blog. Monday’s seem like a great time to highlight features and pass along tips for users of TimeSolv. We all get busy, and even though you may have seen some of these features when you first started with TimeSolv, that may have been months or…

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Tips for Creating a Legal Project Management Schedule, Part I

Legal project management doesn't have to be intimidating

Generally speaking, legal project management (LPM) is a lot like the old saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” It’s about taking a large project and breaking it down into smaller bite-sized pieces. While this sounds easy enough, when it comes to creating an actual legal project management plan, you…

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Tip of the Week: Enable LawPay to receive online payments

LawPay and TimeSolv make a powerful 1-2 punch.

We all know that getting paid faster is the main goal of most businesses. Accepting online payments through our client portal is a great feature that allows you to get paid faster. Clients get a link right in their invoice email and can pay immediately, there’s no need for them to set up an account…

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Don’t turn that client away without a profit analysis

Do a profit analysis before you say no

It is a fact of legal practice that some clients have more financial resources than others. While highly profitable matters are often the most desirable among practitioners, there is still a viable and potentially profitable market among individuals with lesser resources. Yet, when these cases arise, law firms generally take one of two routes. In…

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