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Legal Billing Software Products: What Makes TimeSolv Different?

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If you’re ready to take the step of innovating and streamlining your legal practice through incorporating legal billing software into your practice, you may be looking at several different options for software out there. They seem to do the same thing, and offer the same features, so they must all basically be the same, right?…

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It's time for a firm checkup

Benefits of a midyear law firm checkup

It’s almost the end of June and we are halfway through the year. It’s time to take a look at your practice for successes, challenges, and areas for improvement. According to an article on, systematic reviews are essential to the continuous growth of any business. From a legal perspective, you cannot identify the strengths…

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Fixed fee benefits, Part V

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Strengthening the Attorney/Client Alliance When your firm takes on the task of representing a client, that person or entity’s interests are supposed to be the top priority. Your partners and associates search for ways to protect your clients from negative events and ensure that they are compensated adequately when wronged. The attorney and client relationship…

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Fixed fee benefits, Part IV

Incentive for fixed fee arrangements

The Incentive of the Flat Fee Arrangement The hourly fee billing model is not the most effective tool for promoting efficiency and the timely completion of legal matters. Every task, regardless of its importance, is often billed at the same rate. So, there is little incentive to focus on the work that moves the case…

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Tip of the Week: Using our Timekeeper Dashboard


Today, I’d like to circle back to a great new feature we introduced back in March. Our Timekeeper Dashboard lets timekeepers easily track their billable hour progress throughout the year against the goal that’s been set. Firm managers can also quickly compare billed hours to the amount of revenue that’s been collected and track their…

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Is Your Practice Area a Good Match for Flat-Fee Billing?

This article first appeared in Attorney at Work The benefits of flat-fee billing arrangements are numerous, from predictability to efficiency to increased client satisfaction. But not all legal matters are appropriate for flat fees. So, how do you know which practice areas are right for a flat-fee structure? The short answer comes down to two…

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Fixed fee benefits, Part III

Benefits of fixed fee

Withdrawing from a Flat Fee Case There inevitably comes a time in every attorney’s legal career when the most appropriate action is withdrawing your legal representation from a case. Perhaps your client is unreasonably uncooperative, or stops paying your fee. Have you ever tried to withdraw from a legal matter? It can be a challenging…

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4 Steps to Incorporating Billing Software into Your Firm

Four ways to incorporate billing software into your firm

We all know change is good, but change can feel like it’s tough to incorporate in the midst of a busy office. Billing software solutions are meant to streamline how your office does business, making your life simpler and saving you precious time. But when you are still stuck spending all your time trying to…

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Fixed fee benefits, Part II

Dispute Resolution

[gap height=”15 px”] Lessening the Risk of Fee Disputes No attorney wants the stress and inconvenience of dealing with a client’s formal complaint. While you may expect that the majority of grievances stem from poor lawyering techniques, most conflict actually centers on inadequate practice management… and I’m sure that it is of no surprise that…

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