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How Secure is Legal Billing Software Really

Data Security Encryption Photo Concept with Metallic Padlock on Laptop Computer Keyboard.

Data security is one of the most important challenges facing society and businesses today. Hacking and cyber theft not only affect your bottom line and financial security, but issues of security go to the deepest level of trust that you have with your clients. When comparing legal billing software, you should of course compare ease,…

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How much are you services worth, Part II

How much are your services worth?

Calculations and numbers are only part of the process when determining your legal rates. Though you should never set you fees strictly based on what others are charging, it is important to examine your specific market and determine where your rates fit with other attorneys within your geographic and practice areas. Following the Crowd Some…

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How much are your services worth? Part I

How much are your services worth?

When starting a new law practice, there are numerous questions to be answered and one of the most important is what to charge for your legal services. Most new lawyers have never earned hundreds of dollars per hour, so the concept may seem intimidating or difficult to grasp. Well, I have three words for you.…

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Implementing Legal Project Management in a New Practice

Young attorneys

You just passed the bar exam and now you are ready to hang your shingle and open your doors to clients. You’ve read all of my articles about Legal Project Management (LPM) and how it can be a useful tool for law practices. You are interested in implementing these strategies, but as a new attorney…

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The “On Demand” World of Legal Service Delivery

On-demand services

Like countless other industries in our modern society, the legal profession is increasingly transforming into an “on demand” service. Businesses, like Up Counsel and Law Pal, are championing an entirely new method of legal service delivery. As new lawyers begin their journey into the profession, these services may seem like an attractive option for jumpstarting…

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How TimeSolv's Software Helps Mac Users

a cup of coffee and mac laptop

If you’re a dedicated Mac user, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to discovering amazing new software, only to learn that it isn’t available on Mac. We have good news for you: When it comes to invoicing and billing software, that’s not a problem. At TimeSolv, we’ve developed our innovative software to work seamlessly on Mac…

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There’s Value in that Feedback

receiving client feedback

Have you ever had a case that you couldn’t wait to finish? One that was so stressful, you never wanted to hear from the client again in life? Well, don’t close that door yet. In fact, swing it wide open and ask the client for their feedback. Now, put your ego to the side and…

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Calming Down an Angry Client

Calming down an angry client

It’s an inevitable consequence of law practice. At some point during your legal career, you will encounter a client who is less than satisfied with you and your legal practice. Even the most dedicated and meticulous attorneys cannot completely avoid the, sometimes irrational, complaints of a disgruntled client. When these unfortunate situations arise, you must…

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Why You Should Incorporate Project Management with Time Tracking

Businessman looking at the watch on the wall

In today’s busy world, keeping track of your billable time while juggling multiple pressing projects can seem like an impossible task. If you find yourself losing too much precious time every month to tracking your hours and creating invoices, it’s time for a new approach. Enter TimeSolv. Our intuitive software is designed to allow you…

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Why your Practice Needs a Client Portal

Client touching the screen

In a busy law office, the ringing of the telephone is constant. It rings first thing in the morning, during lunch and all the way up until closing time. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing. It means that work is being done and clients are being served. Hopefully, it also means that new…

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