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Tip of the Week: Creating Backups

Creating a backup of TimeSolv data

Let’s start with a fact. TimeSolv has been in business since 1999 and has never once had a data security breach or had data lost. Many clients chose TimeSolv because of our longevity and maturity as a company in handling their data. We take your data security very seriously. Onsite backups are performed in real-time…

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Protecting your Practice in an Office Sharing Arrangement

Office sharing can come with some challenges

Office sharing is a great tool for new attorneys. Not only is it cost effective, but it can also help you project a professional image, even if your bank account is still light. However, there are important questions you should consider to ensure that your office sharing arrangement is compliant. The American Bar Association (ABA)…

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Human Capital Adds Value to your Practice

Human capital

When you view employees on a balance sheet, they are generally classified as negatives. Their salaries and overhead costs are listed as liabilities, taking money away from your practice. But, this perception misses the true value of an important asset… human capital. Within a law firm, attorneys and staff members are vitally important to success,…

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Tip of the Week: Using our Client Portal

enable the client portal

Transparency in how law firms treat their clients is becoming more and more a valuable way to gain trust. TimeSolv always strives to provide the best legal billing tools and features to allow you to easily provide the transparency many clients want. Today’s Tip of the Week focuses on one of the best features of TimeSolv,…

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Saying "I do" to a Partnership

Globe handshake

A partnership can seem like an attractive option for a new attorney just starting out. The thought of setting out on this journey with a partner can be comforting, as well as empowering. But this is not a decision to be made hastily. In many ways, a partnership is just like a marriage and entering…

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How to Promote Ethical Behavior within your Firm

promoting ethics within your firm

Ethics are important within any industry, but the practice of law requires an extremely high standard of ethical behavior from its members. As the head of a law firm, you have a responsibility to not only ensure your own ethical behavior, but also to promote principled practices within your practice. Trying to handle this task…

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Tip of the Week: Using the AutoMail feature

Using our AutoMail feature

Today’s Tip of the Week looks at a feature that you probably view every time you review and send draft invoices, but maybe have never considered. It’s hidden in plain sight, if you will. Our AutoMail option is something more firms perhaps should consider. When viewing your draft invoices, you see three options in how to send.…

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Tips for the Mature “New” Attorney

mature new attorneys

When you think of a new attorney, your first thought is probably a millennial right out of law school. While this vision may fit a large percentage of new lawyers, it leaves out a substantial segment of this population. According to an article by Law Crossing, more than 40% of law students enrolled in the…

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4 Ways TimeSolv Can Increase Your Law Firm’s Productivity

Hand turning the productivity knob up to the maximum, Concept image for productivity improvement in business or improving efficiency.

If you want to increase your law firm’s productivity, there are several ways you can accomplish this. You could hire more attorneys and support staff, but that can be very expensive. You can have your team work longer hours, but most attorneys and their teams are already working long hours, and clients may not be…

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Five Cost Effective Marketing Strategies for Your New Practice

marketing strategy for new practice

Opening a new law practice is an expensive endeavor. From building costs to hiring staff members, the necessary expenses add up quickly. This leaves little room for the high cost of getting your name out and attracting new clients to your firm. Television advertisement is extremely expensive, with the cost of radio ads and direct…

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