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The unintended benefits of giving back

Giving back

Legal service is generally not cheap. With hourly rates of $200 (at the low end), there are entire populations who are unable to afford the services of a private attorney. Fortunately, legal organizations tirelessly work to meet these needs within their respective communities. From Legal Aid to pro bono clinics, good hearted attorneys donate their…

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Promoting diversity in your law practice

Celebrate diversity in your practice

The advantages of a diverse law firm are well documented. Diverse firms are better able to attract a wider range of clients and, according to an American Bar Association article, they also better relate to important decision makers within the legal process. Whether you are just starting out in your practice career or have a…

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Tips for Effective Networking

How to effectively network

Law school teaches many valuable lessons, but in many cases, the art of networking is not one of them. Attorneys often make the drastic mistake of opening their practice doors with the expectation that clients will come flooding in, with little effort on their part. A few months later, they find themselves desperate for clients,…

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Tip of the Week: Using Categories for Clients and Matters


Ever wondered if you could run a report for all your clients who are in a certain county? Or maybe you want to quickly see all the invoices you’ve sent for divorce case matters. It’s easy to do with the category feature in TimeSolv. You can create as many categories and sub-categories as you’d like,…

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Less time creating bills means more time actually billed

Spending less time creating bills means more time billing

Billing is vitally important to the legal practice. Not only is it necessary to collect payment, but it also keeps your clients up-to-date on their cases and the work being completed on their behalf. Unfortunately, many attorneys and their legal staff find themselves spending just as much time creating bills as they do completing billable…

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Who Has Time for a Steep Learning Curve?

No one has time for a steep learning curve

What good is a legal billing software system if no one in your firm knows how to use it? Many of the traditional programs are unreasonably difficult to use. For example, a quick search of Timeslips reviews online will result in several complaints about the challenges of learning the system. One review even references a…

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Convenience Anybody?

Using an iPhone to access TimeSolv

This is a mobile world and progressive law firms are no exception. Lawyers conduct business on the desktop in the office, the laptop at home, the tablet in the courthouse and the smart phone at dinner. Long gone are the days when a one-person billing program adequately provides the service you need for your practice.…

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Tip of the Week: Conflicts checking


How good are you at tracking conflicts of interest in your practice? TimeSolv can make sure that any conflicts are accounted for by associating related parties to either clients or matters, making it easy to find conflicts before they become an issue. Today’s Tip of the Week looks at how to establish related parties and…

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Minimize your Overhead with an Affordable Billing System

Bills and invoices

The practice of law is a service based profession. You are constantly providing your clients with valuable time, energy, and knowledge. The practice of law is also a business where profits matter. How much service can you provide without enough money to keep the doors open? There’s a lot at stake in your practice. So,…

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Freedom from Timeslips starts now

Lawyer using TimeSolv on laptop

Many law firms who use Timeslips for their billing and timekeeping love the idea of moving to the cloud. They know that cloud security is rock-solid and are fully ready to embrace the power and flexibility of using software like TimeSolv to enter time anywhere and any time from any device. They know they can send batch…

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