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Will AI destroy the billable hour?

artificial intelligence hand

For all of the pomp and circumstance that mega-sized law firms often surround themselves with, the fact of the matter is that the income of many large-sized firms depend upon the mass amounts of “grunt work” that young associates and contractors do in reviewing data in large scale litigation and due diligence matters. If law…

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Managing your practice workflow

Managing your work flow

In a thriving legal practice, workloads can quickly add up. Without adequate preparation and management tools, these responsibilities can become overwhelming and counterproductive. Take control of your workflow with these time and sanity saving tips. Go paperless The practice of law requires a lot of paperwork. Lawyers are constantly reading, writing, and sharing documents. An…

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Tip of the Week: invoice narratives


So let’s be honest. Creating the language that appears on client invoices is not exactly scintillating work. However, it is a necessary burden that can affect how a client perceives you and your firm. So you’ll want to make sure the narratives on your invoices are consistent and clear but flexible when needed. TimeSolv gives you…

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What types of technology are disrupting the legal industry?

judge gavel and tablet computer on table cyber crime concept

The “legal industry” and “disruptive technology” are not usually two phrases you hear together. For that matter, lawyers and law firms tend to think any kind of “buzzword” phrase as not relevant to their world, or they are generally averse to or simply too preoccupied with work to delve into the technological changes that might…

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When Do Clients Ask for Flat Fees?


As the trend towards flat fee billing continuously grows, more clients are becoming aware of this option and seeking it out for their legal needs. If your firm has yet to join the flat fee revolution, don’t be surprised if potential clients inquire about it as a possible option. As a shrewd lawyer, you see…

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It’s Time to Forecast for Next Year

Rate increases

With the end of the year approaching, it’s important to look forward and consider where your law practice is headed in 2017. Forecasting is a useful tool and the right law firm billing software goes a long way with completing this task. What is forecasting? Business forecasting involves analysis of past financial records and taking…

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Reasons your firm's legal invoices haven't been paid

difference invoices and bills with red paid stamp, concept and ideas

It’s a dreaded situation among managing partners and firm financial administrators: you finished up a hefty project for a client and sent the month’s bill the client’s way, and…crickets. You know your client has been reliable about paying in the past, and they have the funds and you did the work. Having your firm’s bills…

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Tip of the Week: Approving time by matter


Last week, we wrote about how to set-up approvers for your various timekeepers. This week’s Tip of the Week is for firms that would like to set up the approval process by matter, not timekeeper. If you would like someone to approve all the time for a particular matter, no matter who did the work,…

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Are internal communication tools right for your firm?

Internal Communication Tools

Social media provides a quick and convenient method of instant communication between individuals who are miles away from one another. Are you considering this innovation for your law firm? Proponents assert that messaging systems promote efficient correspondence between staff members and provide extreme convenience within a law firm, where time is often of the essence…

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How to budget your legal projects with TimeSolv

Glass bank with many world coins and budget word or label on saving money jar

In law school and the early years of your practice, you no doubt learned a lot about the all-important skills of learning how to think like a lawyer and how to take every strategic step possible to win the results that your clients are seeking. But in many cases, the exercise of both of those…

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