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5 tips for creating bulletproof time entries

Modern designer sitting in front of computer and working in office

One of the time-tested ways in which clients dispute bills is by taking issue with specific time entries and arguing that they should not have to pay for any number of reasons: the entry was vague; not reflecting legal skills; redundant; contradictory to other time entries; incomplete, and so on. Because your billable hours are…

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Mental Health Series – Work from home policies

Home Office

For attorneys, a major aspect of mental health is a proper balance between work and life. You’ve heard the stories of associates chained to their desks by unattainable billable hour demands. You may even be one of them. Study after study has shown that this type of work environment is detrimental to the mental and…

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Bringing the Internet of Things into your law office

Internet of Things in your law office

I don’t have to tell you that the Internet is everywhere. It would be an incredible challenge to get through a day with absolutely no Internet interaction. From your car’s GPS to bank ATM machines, you will probably come in contact with some object that uses the Internet. When I first began seeing the IoT…

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What can’t attorneys bill for?

One of the more confusing questions that junior lawyers (and many senior lawyers for that matter) deal with is the issue of what they can and cannot bill for on a legal invoice. While a junior attorney is probably not creating the bill himself or herself, that attorney is inputting the time entries that will…

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5 things clients hate to see on legal bills

Invoice letter head on wood table / selective focus

More and more, institutional legal clients who work with outside lawyers on a regular basis are creating and instituting billing guideline agreements that any lawyer or law firm will have to follow if they want to get repeat business or simply get their bills paid on time. Many of these billing guidelines documents look eerily…

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Thinking of raising your rates? A new study says think again

Rate increases

A recent report by Thomson Reuters Peer Monitor examined the relationship between rate increases and revenue growth. Surprisingly, the outcome was not what you would probably expect. As pointed out in the study, most attorneys prescribe to the basic premise that a combination of increased rates and increased billed hours will result in higher revenues.…

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Evernote as a law practice tool

Evernote for legal

Attorneys are always looking for ways to make the practice of law easier and more efficient. To that end, many have discovered a neat little weapon called Evernote. This note-taking application is an organizational tool that allows you to “download” all of those ideas, projects and plans running around inside of your head. You can…

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Mental Health Series – Destressing your workplace

Destress your office space

Attorneys spend many hours in their offices, so much so that it may feel like a second home. Your work environment can greatly affect your level of stress. A cluttered, uncomfortable environment can limit the flow of creative ideas and affect your concentration. The following are steps you can take to destress your workplace and…

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Tip of the Week: Easily see who you are an approver for

Stop watch

As we’ve written before, TimeSolv has robust approval features to make sure time and expenses are not making their way to an invoice if they shouldn’t. However, there was not a great way for you, as the approver, to see in one place all the professionals you were assigned to approve time for. Until now, and…

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Mental Health Series – Dealing with professional setbacks

Dealing with setback

As an attorney, it is inevitable that you will experience a professional setback. Whether it is the loss of a case, termination of a client relationship or a bar complaint, you will likely have to deal with some form of defeat. Learning how to handle these challenges is important to your professional career, as well…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Solo Attorneys

Composite image of new years resolution list

Another year has passed, and 2017 is upon us. At this point, if you are a solo attorney you may be getting back into the routine of the work life after a nice holiday break, or still struggling to catch up with work from the end of 2016. Attorneys are not always known for championing…

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