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Big tips for successful small talk

Making small talk

If you are anything like me, you view small talk as a slow and painful form of torture. It is the ultimate test of multitasking, as you listen, respond and scour your mind for the next clever subject for conversation. It’s just so much! But small talk is a valuable resource for attorneys. These brief…

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Five tips for more effective fee collection

Fee Collection

You’ve done the work… and it was good work. Now, it’s time to get compensated for the time and efforts of your practice. While getting paid should be the cherry on top of any legal matter, it’s unfortunately an area of contention and frustration for many attorneys. Every day, ridiculous amounts of legal fees go…

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To administrate or not administrate

The law administrator

Though they are a relatively new addition to the legal community, law firm administrators have become commonplace among medium and larger law firms. These kings and queens of organization keep the day-to-day processes of the office in check. As you consider the future direction of your firm, you may find yourself asking whether an administrator…

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Tip of the Week: Commission rate by client or matter

Stop watch

Commission tracking and reporting within TimeSolv is an important feature for many law firms. TimeSolv has improved the flexibility of setting the commission rate for your professionals by allowing you to designate different rates at the client or even the matter level. Today’s Tip of the Week looks at this new feature in-depth. Previously in TimeSolv,…

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What law firms can learn from the NFL combine

NFL Scouting Combine

I am a serious football fan. From summer’s end to the start of February, football is another member of my family. So, as I sat and watched the NFL combine a few weeks ago, anticipating the 2017 season, my mind started comparing this coveted recruiting tradition to the hiring process of law firms. For those…

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Tip of the Week: Visiting us in Chicago

Stop watch

  The 2017 ABA TECHSHOW gets started in Chicago later this week and TimeSolv will be there. Not only does Techshow provide a wealth of learning in how to leverage technology for your law firm, but it also serves as a showcase for leading legal tech firms, like TimeSolv! If you’re coming to the show,…

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The Project Attorney

Project attorney

Project attorneys have become a viable asset to the legal community. Law firms use these temporary professionals to assist with their short term needs in specific matters. Many firms see these lawyers as an economical alternative to hiring new associates. In this post we will discuss some advantages of project attorneys, so you can consider…

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A Fresh Eye to Legal Conferences

Microphone at a conference

With the 2017 ABA TECHSHOW next week, we thought it was time to look at legal conferences as a whole. As you schedule your calendar for the coming year, are conferences and conventions included in your plans? While many attorneys see these events as valuable opportunities, others attend them begrudgingly without taking advantage of what…

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The life “of counsel”

Life as "of counsel"

The of counsel designation can mean different things to different people. WIth no standard definition, the term applies to a variety of attorney/firm relationships. Some firms solicit of counsel arrangements to expand their practice areas or reach new clients. They do this by bringing on an of counsel attorney or by seeking the of counsel…

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