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The Spring Refresher

Spring Lilacs

I was going to title this post “Spring Cleaning your Law Practice”, but an internet search of this title resulted in so many posts that I had to come up with something a bit more creative. However, while perusing these sites, I did find some very interesting and useful tips on cleaning up your practice…

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You should be podcasting

Podcasting microphone

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? If not, maybe you should. These little bite-size pieces of audio content can go a long way in enhancing your current marketing strategy. If you aren’t sure how a podcast works, think of it as a radio talk show, but over the internet. You establish the content. …

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The marketing benefits of a niche practice

an isolated plant in a wall of niche areas

Marketing can quickly become a major expense for any law firm. The cost of getting your name out and keeping it in front of potential clients can painfully affect your bottom line. While most firms are consistently looking for ways to lessen their marketing expenses, a recent conversation with a group of niche practice attorneys…

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Tip of the Week: New QuickBooks Online Integration

Today’s Tip of the Week is a feature enhancement with our sync to QuickBooks Online. Previously, when syncing your invoices from TimeSolv to QuickBooks Online (QBO), the only option was syncing at the summary level, just the total invoice amount. With the release of our new sync tool, there are now three options to choose…

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How Does Outsourced Legal Billing Work

For solo attorneys and small law firms, the process of completing their legal billing of clients presents a conundrum. On the one hand, the legal billing process can take up valuable time for attorneys who are trying to attend to the billable tasks that meet their clients’ needs, but making sure bills are promptly and…

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Ditching the office

Its spring time! The birds are chirping, the bees are buzzing, and you are missing it all because you never leave the office. Well, it’s time to ditch the office and get outside for some fresh air. You say you have a lot of work to do? You must have misunderstood me. I didn’t say…

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The attorney’s guide to taking a vacation

For some people, vacation planning started last summer, as soon as their last vacation ended. For others, the planning process is an annual springtime immersion into hotel deals and must-see attractions. Then, there are the overly worked attorneys who can’t remember the last time they even said the word vacation. Well, I’m here to tell…

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Tip of the Week: Dropbox integration

Our Tip of the Week today announces a new integration wiht TimeSolv. We are pleased to offer integration with Dropbox, allowing you to seamlessly sync and access your Dropbox documents right within TimeSolv. If you have a Dropbox account and would like to connect to TimeSolv, head to Documents -> Settings within your TimeSolv account.…

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4 ways your firm’s outdated billing methods are eating away profits

Many law firms – especially smaller firms and solo practitioners – operate under the theory that legal billing is a relatively simple process and thus incorporating automated billing software is not important. After all, you’re not running a grocery or hardware distribution network with enormous amounts of inventory and vendors, and you’re primarily selling your…

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The profitability of a virtual paralegal

The perfect paralegal can be the heartbeat of your legal practice, so why limit your options when it’s time to hire a new one. As with almost every other aspect of the legal industry (and thanks to the cloud) paralegals are going virtual and you are missing out on some considerable cost savings by staying…

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Is public speaking the right marketing tool for your firm?

Public speaking can provide a great opportunity to showcase your knowledge and ability as an attorney, while hopefully attracting potential new clients. Many lawyers routinely use speaking engagements to successfully market their firms and it makes perfect sense. Lawyers are often called upon to provide clarification or explanation about current events, recent court cases or…

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Tip of the Week: Setting permissions for timekeepers and support

Stop watch

Our Tip of the Week today concerns an often overlooked part of TimeSolv: how to vary permission levels for both your timekeepers and support staff. Only administrators can edit permissions for your staff’s timekeepers and support. Under the Account tab, chose Professionals. From there you’ll see a list of all people with accounts, and what…

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