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No cloud could equal gaps in your law firm’s security

Gap in the clouds

So, it’s 2017 and your law firm still hasn’t transitioned to the cloud. What’s your hesitation? Everyday, your practice handles countless pieces of sensitive information, which require the highest level of security. If your firm hasn’t grasped the cloud, you could be leaving yourself and your clients vulnerable to potential security breaches.   A constantly…

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What small practices can learn from small businesses

LIght bulb thought bubble

Law school teaches you many wonderful things. Unfortunately, business acumen is often not one of them. Your practice is also a business and there is much that you can learn from other successful small businesses. Finding your space in the crowded landscape of big established law firms can prove difficult, and other small businesses face…

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Why hackers target law firms

Maginified glass focussed on computer keyboard

When hackers seek to access private information, they are generally looking to access as much valuable data as possible in the shortest amount of time… and what better place to find volumes of secure information than a law firm? While cybersecurity concerns have been around for many years now, it seems that incidents involving law…

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The top 5 complaints about legal billing software

Complaints - Folder Register Name in Directory. Colored, Blurred Image. Closeup View.

Billing hours and expenses can easily turn into a hassle for attorneys, paralegals, and administrative workers alike, and this process is only made worse when the firm’s billing software in place creates problems, not solutions. Below are 5 of the most common complaints we hear about legal billing software, contrasted with what our customers are…

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Increasing the workplace happiness factor

How to lead your team to Legal Project Management Victory

A happy worker is a productive worker. I’m sure you’ve heard that before. When employees enjoy the work that they do, they perform in a more efficient and effective manner. But for some, work and happiness repel like two negative magnetic poles. They either don’t enjoy the work they do on a daily basis, or…

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Tip of the Week: Document automation

TimeSolv is excited to announce our Tip of the Week is a great new feature included in our latest release. We’ve created a document automation system that allows you to easily insert client and matter information to letters you send out frequently. Let’s review the steps to set this up within TimeSolv.   Step One:…

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SWOT analysis for law firms

SWOT Analysis word cloud

Lawyers are great at a lot of things, but unfortunately business isn’t always one of them. In law school, you are taught to analyze cases and make effective legal arguments. However, most law schools fail to teach you how to run a successful business. I’m not talking about a law practice. I’m talking about the…

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Providing extra value to your clients

Creating value for your clients

What makes top law firms stand out from the crowd? Is it their reputation for success? Probably, but I’m willing to bet that it also lies in the way they treat their clients. The illustrious Maya Angelou once said, “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will…

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Tip of the Week: Time entry search feature

Today’s Tip of the Week is a quick and easy way to see all time entries without having to run a full report. Many times you want to find entries for a particular matter or client to either add more time or review the status of your time entries. When you click Time in our main…

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Is it time for an office upgrade?


Business is booming. There’s no shortage of clients and you’ve had to bring on two new associates to help with your impressive caseload. But if these new attorneys are sharing a workspace in the middle of your conference room or fighting for time on an available computer, it could be time for a workspace upgrade.…

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Client pushback on bills: how did we get here?

past due bill

For law firm veterans, especially those primarily representing business clients, the current climate of clients pushing back on bills “just because they can” is not the way it’s always been. In decades past, absent glaring mistakes or fraudulent behavior, the typical process after a law firm did its work on behalf of a client was…

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