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Another New Feature? TimeSolv Helps You Manage Client Documents

Documents, documents, and more documents. Such is the reality of legal practice. If you’ve logged into TimeSolv lately, you may have noticed a new feature that allows you to conveniently upload, maintain and edit all of those client documents straight from the user-friendly TimeSolv platform.   Here’s How it Works Once you choose the “Documents”…

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How I Love a New Feature – Attaching Your Expenses Receipts

TimeSolv is making it even easier to track expenses and bill clients accurately. With the new receipt attachment feature, your practice can attach pictures of expense receipts to the client’s matter file, and also provide them to clients as part of their invoices.   How it Works From the “Expense tab”, you will see a…

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Tip of the Week: Changing rates for existing time entries

A question we often get at TimeSolv is how to change rates for existing time entries without having to laboriously go through each and every time entry and edit by hand. There is a relatively painless way in TimeSolv to edit your rates and apply the new rate to existing entries. You first need to…

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Making the Switch to TimeSolv, Part 3

You read the first two posts in this series and now you are convinced that TimeSolv legal billing software  is the best fit for your law practice. Now comes the fun part – making the actual switch. Click here first to take advantage of TimeSolv’s free trial. It requires no credit card and you can…

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Making the Switch to TimeSolv, Part 2

In part one of this series, I discussed the affordable cost and convenience of TimeSolv when compared to traditional legal billing programs. In this post, I am going to give you two more reasons why a switch to TimeSolv is in order for your legal practice. Ready? Let’s go!   Ease of Use Do you…

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Listen to our Evolve Law Podcast

Podcasting microphone

Our partners at Evolve Law recently interviewed me as part of their product highlight series. Take a listen and learn more about how TimeSolv has evolved and our vision for the the future of our product. Listen here!

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Making the Switch to TimeSolv, Part I

The legal profession is dripping with tradition. Multi-generational law firms continuously follow procedures put in place decades ago, and even new practices look to established legal routines when developing firm practices. For better or worse, lawyers commonly look back when making decisions about the future of their practices. While tradition has its rightful place, it…

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Are there undetected threats in your IT system?

Bank safe

According to a 2015 study, a threat can exist inside of your computer systems for more than 200 days before being discovered. Two hundred days is more than half a year… and that study is two years old! This information should alarm every business owner, but especially an attorney. Your client’s information is extremely valuable…

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Tips to choosing health insurance for your small practice

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a major hotbed issue in today’s society. All of the uncertainty can make the task of providing coverage for your law firm staff members even more challenging. Your practice is also a business and you may be required to provide medical insurance to some or all of your employees. In an effort…

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Tip of the Week: Sending fixed invoices by milestone

There are many ways within TimeSolv to generate fixed fee invoices for your clients. However, when you know you’ll be sending fixed fee invoices on a regular basis or when certain milestones are met for a matter, using our matter plan is a great option and that is our Tip of the Week. To enable a…

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How TimeSolv can work for your PR firm


In the high-stakes, 24/7 world of public relations, PR professionals are often working all kinds of unconventional hours from all locations – the office, home, airports, and even while commuting – and their primary structure for getting paid is through billable hours. Because PR firms are always on the go to meet their client’s needs,…

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