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Ever Heard of These Halloween Laws?

In case you haven’t noticed the mountains of candy taking up aisle space in the grocery store, let me be the first to inform you that Halloween season has arrived! I thought it would be fun to take a quick break and check out some of the interesting laws surrounding this spooktacular time of year.…

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Tip of the Week: How To Reuse a Voided Invoice Number

Last week we showed you here how to void any sent invoice back to draft. Once you have voided an invoice back to draft, it will automatically be assigned a new invoice number when you re-send it. Here’s a way for you to reuse that voided invoice number for the corrected invoice: Go under the…

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Could STEM Increase Your Firm’s Profits?

With the exception of patent law, there used to be a time when science and the practice of law were in two completely different lanes. Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology (STEM) degree graduates were encouraged to pursue a medical or master’s degree- not a JD. But as the connection between science and the law continues…

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The Equifax Hack – A Teachable Moment for your Law Practice

Over 140 million victims. That is a rough estimate of the number of people impacted by the Equifax security breach. A company that is charged with handling some of our most personal and valuable information was not able to protect itself from a cyber attack. Equifax isn’t alone either. Yahoo, Netflix and numerous other mega…

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Tip of the Week: Voiding any sent invoice back to draft

Did you know that you can void any sent invoice back to draft with TimeSolv, no matter how old it is? We’ve all run across that customer who disputes a very old invoice or never got around to telling you abou a correction that needed to be made. Our void to draft feature for sent…

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Four Social Skills You Need for Successful Networking

When you leave a networking event, do you walk away feeling like you nailed it or like you just wasted two hours of your precious time? If you chose the latter, poor social skills may be keeping you from winning at the networking game. Here are four social skills that every attorney needs for networking…

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No-cost law office advertising

No-csot law office advertising

For any profitable law office, marketing is a major part of the budget. Whether you are using commercials, Google Adwords, or print advertisements, getting your firm’s name in front of potential clients can be quite costly. But there are no-cost and low-cost alternatives for lawyers who prefer to keep their marketing costs under tight control.…

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Managing the millennial lawyer

Millennial lawyers

The millennial generation isn’t always portrayed in the best light. In fact, the youngest members of the workforce are often characterized by such negative descriptors as entitled, narcissistic, and difficult to manage. While these descriptions are ripe for debate, what is certain is the fact that the legal landscape is filled with young lawyers in…

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Five things not to do when networking

Networking over coffee

Networking is a necessary evil that many people avoid at all costs, for a number of reasons. Maybe they hate the inauthenticity of small talk or they feel overwhelmed by their expectations. Whatever the case, networking can be incredibly challenging, even for the most seasoned lawyer. Here are some tips about what you shouldn’t do…

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Effective budgeting with TimeSolv

Squeezing coins to represent a budget

Effective budgeting is essential to any successful business, including your law practice. Operating without a budget is like setting out on a trip with no GPS…not even a map. You may know where you want to go, but you have no idea how to get there. So, you may ultimately never arrive at your desired…

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How to measure your law firm profits

Growing stack of coins

The general definition of profit is bringing in more revenue than you are spending on your expenses. If you earn enough funds to cover all of your expenses, with a little extra, your practice is turning a profit. But there is much more to the proper analysis of profits. A simple dollar amount does not…

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