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Kimberly Porter, TimeSolv user

“With TimeSolv it took about two days to do edits and get bills out for our attorneys instead of five to six days with Timeslips. I've received really good feedback from the attorneys...as well as our clients!”

Kimberly Porter - Key Harrington Barnes

The TimeSolv Difference

Moving from Sage 50 Accounting too? Use the free QuickBooks Conversion Tool and update to more modern time, billing and accounting systems at the same time.

Timeslips Migration Made Easy

Tom Kirkendall

“I held off switching to TimeSolv for a long time because I was familiar and comfortable with Timeslips, although I was not enthralled with it. When I finally made the move, in less than a week, I was pleased to be set up and fully ready to use TimeSolv with 17 years of Timeslips data converted into the program. Customer service is excellent and the program is easy to use. I wish I had made the switch years ago. Complacency with an inferior product often delays progress.”  

Tom Kirkendall - Law Office of Tom Kirkendall  

Kimberly Porter
Tammy Walls, TimeSolv user

“Migrating our 13 years of Timeslips data was one of the major concerns of the partners. TimeSolv made it easy to convert because we developed a plan. So there was a process to the conversion that I felt was very efficient and was very thorough.”

Kimberly Porter - Key Harrington Barnes

“The initial thought in migrating our data from Timeslips was that it was going to be really overwhelming but TimeSolv walked me through and made what was a difficult task very simple.”

Tammy Walls - Wagonheim Law

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About TimeSolv

At TimeSolv our passion is to help lawyers increase their billable time, be more efficient, and get paid faster. We are the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud legal billing software, proven since 1999 with over $5.3 billion billed.

Our Philosophy

  • Be respectful and transparent: our revenues are derived almost entirely from customer subscriptions to our service. We do not supplement our revenues by selling data about our customers or customers’ clients. 
  • Safeguard your privacy: client confidentiality is guaranteed when you use TimeSolv products. We would never access your time and billing data, project data, or any other data concerning your clients and customers. 
  • Honesty: we adhere strictly to honest and ethical business practices. We strive to be open and straightforward with our customers at all times. 
  • Keep improving: we’re committed to keeping our customers happy. That’s why we’re constantly working on improvements that make our products more intuitive and useful.