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Top 3 Methods to Determine Compensation of Law Partners

Appropriate compensation is vitally important to any professional organization, but this is especially true in the hierarchical environment of a law firm. Determining the appropriate compensation of law partners can prove challenging, as administrators seek to create a system that accurately reflects the profits of the firm, but also takes into consideration the contributions of each partner…

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Why Lawyers Should Never Compete on Price

As an attorney, your rates are your livelihood but you should not compete on price to grow your practice. You are constantly balancing your legal duties and responsibilities to your clients with your need to support yourself, as well as the costs of your practice. Unfortunately, in the race to secure clients and attract business, many attorneys…

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Selecting Billing Software

When identifying billing software for your law office, don’t automatically choose an older, traditional software. Newer options are available and it’s in your firm’s best interest to perform due diligence and research what they have to offer. The most efficient way to approach this task is by reviewing what each software package provides within specific…

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Take the Hassle Out of Collecting Fees

There are essentially three phases to collecting fees as an attorney. The first is actually completing the work your client hired you to perform. This may entail negotiating agreements, filing documents or appearing in court. The second is billing the client. This process requires an accurate and complete accounting of work done and time spent…

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How to Get Paid Faster!

Serious business man working on documents

A successful law firm requires more than legal prowess and exceptional trial skills. Attorneys must remember even though the top priority is client service, a law firm is also a business and must be run as such in order to survive. Even the most talented litigator cannot build and maintain a financially stable practice without…

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New improvements to TimeSolv

New improvements to TimeSolv to help you perform your work more efficiently. 1- Create invoices by Responsible Professional Not only can you view draft and sent invoices by responsible professional, you can now create new draft invoices by selecting one or more of them. Use the feature by clicking on Create For dropdown on the…

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