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The digital law firm: managing remote employees

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Last month, we discussed the benefits of starting a virtual law office, and whether you think of a decentralized law practice as being a “virtual law office” or a “digital law firm,” there are indeed many benefits to harnessing the power of technology to reduce overhead while spreading the breadth and scope of the practice.…

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What is LEDES and why is it important for lawyers?

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Although LEDES has been a common format for legal billing for nearly two decades, it is not uncommon to meet attorneys who have worked in law firms for years who have never heard of LEDES. Which is understandable and perhaps fine if those attorneys never touched the billing process outside of inputting their time. But…

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The Benefits of Starting a Virtual Law Office

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Whether you are freshly out of law school and admitted to the bar, or have been working in your own traditional law practice or larger firm for years, our current technological climate gives you the ability to start, operate, and maintain a virtual law office in ways that are easier than ever before. Not only…

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How TimeSolv can work for your PR firm


In the high-stakes, 24/7 world of public relations, PR professionals are often working all kinds of unconventional hours from all locations – the office, home, airports, and even while commuting – and their primary structure for getting paid is through billable hours. Because PR firms are always on the go to meet their client’s needs,…

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Survey finds law firm tech spending on the rise

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How much did your law firm invest in each attorney’s technology resources last year? If it’s less than $5,000, then your firm is spending less per attorney than 83% of other firms out there, according to a survey released last year by the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA). On the other side of the spectrum,…

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The top 5 complaints about legal billing software

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Billing hours and expenses can easily turn into a hassle for attorneys, paralegals, and administrative workers alike, and this process is only made worse when the firm’s billing software in place creates problems, not solutions. Below are 5 of the most common complaints we hear about legal billing software, contrasted with what our customers are…

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