Comparison of Legal Billing Software

Why TimeSolv is the best legal billing software.

Feature/Product TimeSolv Bill4Time Harvest eBillity Time59 EasyLegal Billing Clio Rocket Matter Compared to TimeSolv’s Features
Apps for Multiple Devices PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad PC, Mac PC, Mac PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, iPad PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad Downloadable App for iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, and other tablets
Time/Expense Entry Strong Medium Medium Weak Weak Weak Medium Weak Abbreviations for quick descriptions, copy existing entries, Billable, Non-Billable, No Charge, and Fixed Fee; Text Search
Monthly/Weekly Time Calendar Strong Strong None Weak None None Weak None View Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Totals to Increase Productivity
Hourly Rate/Changes Strong Medium Medium Medium Weak Weak Weak Weak Six Options for Configuring Hourly Rates. Retroactively and Selectively Update Rates
Approval Process Strong Medium Medium Medium None None Weak None Approval of Time/Expense Entries by Upto 10 Users by Matter or by Supervisor
Invoicing Strong Strong Medium Medium Weak Weak Medium Weak Batch Invoices, Invoices Downloadable in 10 Formats, Automated Email with Custom Message, and Automated Remote Printing Service
QuickBooks Integration Strong Medium Weak Weak None None Medium Weak Bidirectional Sync with QuickBooks Desktop & Online, Expense Entered in QuickBooks Syncs to TimeSolv for Billing
Project Plan with per User Task Budgets Strong None None None None None None None Project Planning Feature to Control Hours and Budgets by Task and by User; Milestone Billing
Budget/Control of Hours and Fees Strong Strong Medium None None None None None View and Enforce Time, Expense, Fees, and Invoice Budget with Restriction or Warning for Exceeding Limits
Reports Strong Strong Medium Medium Weak Weak Medium Weak 27 Reports in Color with Option to Download in 10 Formats such PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, etc.
Client Portal Strong Medium Medium Strong None None Strong Medium Ability to View Invoices, Make Payments, View Trust Balances, and Make Trust Deposits
LawPay Integration for Online Payments Strong None None None None None Strong Medium Integration with LawPay for Recurring Payments, Online Payments, and Trust Deposits
Support by Legal Billing Experts Strong None None Weak None None Strong Medium Free and Unlimited One-on-One Training and Support by Legal Billing Experts. Free Help with Conversion.

Disclaimer:  This information is just an opinion and assessment of billing solutions by TimeSolv performed in May 2015.  TimeSolv does not guarantee the accuracy of our assessment and in no way consider it comprehensive and up to date as softwares are evolving continuously.  TimeSolv recommends that readers perform their own assessment to make purchase decisions.

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