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3 Tips for Law Firm Project Management Success

Written by Ron Reinart

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Project management is a growing trend in the delivery of legal services. As law firms look for ways to innovate their businesses and better serve their clients, project management is emerging as a viable option. However, this new approach to service requires a new approach to time and billing software for lawyers. You need a law firm billing software that offers time tracking that is appropriate for a project management format. TimeSolv has stayed ahead of this trend with comprehensible and easy-to-use project management software for lawyers.

project managementThe following are some tips for a successful transition into the world of law firm project management:

  • Identify the Right Technology – Project management can be challenging and can quickly become overwhelming without an adequate management platform. This is especially true for firms with numerous staff members working on a single project matter or task. Look for technology that helps your attorneys track their individual progress and provides a large-scale view of the project as a whole. Customizable platforms are also useful to address the individual needs of your practice, while allowing you to meet the client’s specific expectations.  One of the most important features of a project management system is budgeting. TimeSolv Legal is here with project management software that allows you to define tasks and budgets, that can automatically alert project team members when they reach their allowed budgetary limits.
  • Provide Adequate Training – When starting a new project, it’s essential that all attorneys and support staff be on the same page. This requires detailed training. According to the American Bar Association, it is best to provide this type of instruction in shorter, specific training sessions. This enables your staff to focus on one specific area of the process, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the various changes. When it comes to the time management and billing training, TimeSolv has you covered with a variety of customer service options. Our knowledgeable representatives are available by telephone, email and live chat. In addition, your staff can access our Knowledge Base 24/7 for detailed instructional articles on using our project management services.
  • Consistent Task Codes – Task codes are essential for proper project management. Law firms use these customized codes to categorize relevant tasks, grouping them together for budgetary and time tracking. Task codes offer law firms significant value, including the provision of historical data for assistance with budget forecasts. However, if not all team members are using task codes correctly; they can quickly become more troublesome than useful. The ABA suggests that firms allow the client’s specific objectives to guide them in the most appropriate use of task codes for each particular matter. TimeSolv project management software for lawyers simplifies the challenges of task codes. It allows you to enter your own or use ABA task codes, pre-populated into the software for simplified billing. TimeSolv legal billing software even allows user to set their specific rates for each assigned task code.

TimeSolv Legal can help you successfully implement and maintain project management in your law firm. Try out our services with a Free 30 Day Trial. No credit cards or commitments are required. Just click here to learn what TimeSolv has to offer.

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