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Four ways to incorporate billing software into your firm

4 Steps to Incorporating Billing Software into Your Firm

Written by TimeSolv Support

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We all know change is good, but change can feel like it’s tough to incorporate in the midst of a busy office. Billing software solutions are meant to streamline how your office does business, making your life simpler and saving you precious time.

But when you are still stuck spending all your time trying to play catch-up with the manual and/or inefficient billing system currently in place, figuring out how to incorporate a new billing software system can feel overwhelming and confusing.

The temptation is to stay with the familiar but impractical system you already have in place, but making the time to take a few simple steps to incorporate billing software like TimeSolv into your firm can quickly pay off huge dividends in productivity and increased revenues for your firm. Here are a few to get you started.

1. Get a Free 30 Day Trial or Schedule a Demo

Most of us had the experience of hearing about a great product that is supposed to improve our work, but it’s only after the money is spent that it becomes clear that the product fails to deliver on its promises. And so this can make us skittish about incorporating new products. Any good billing software should let you learn about their services in a free trial and even incorporate them into your practice for free without any commitment.

Take advantage of free trials or schedule a demo to see the features of the software. At TimeSolv, we will walk you through all the features of the software and how they can specifically help your firm. During your 30-day trial, you will also get free one-on-one training from a representative to make you are understanding the full benefits that TimeSolv has to offer your firm.

2. Learn about the Full Range of Features

Often times, there are certain features that first drew you to a product such as billing software. But most products will have a rich depth of features beyond what initially drew you to them. Make sure you take some time to learn about the full range of what’s available.

You may find that the software you’re experimenting with does a lot more than you initially thought.

With TimeSolv, automating and streamlining your billing procedures is only the start of the features that you will have available to make your office run smoother and become more productive. In addition to easy-to-incorporate Time Tracking and Invoicing functions, TimeSolv also offers the following features:

  • Reporting functions to help manage your billing, invoicing, and performance metrics
  • Approval functions to make sure your bills are seen and evaluated by the right people
  • Expense Tracking functions to stay on top of all your employee and firm expenses/li>
  • Project Management functions to assign out tasks and keep track of performance and progress

3. Empower Your Clients to Pay Faster

Any billing software worth its weight should allow an easy way for your clients to pay you. After all, that’s what billing software is supposed to do, right?

As you incorporate TimeSolv’s time-saving and efficiency-increasing features into your firm’s practice, you can also make it easier on your clients to pay quickly by granting them access to Client Portal with LawPay. Through this feature, customers can receive an automatically generated email, see their bill online, evaluate it, and then pay by credit or ACH.

4. Save Time and Money by Outsourcing Your Legal Billing

Perhaps after evaluating various billing software, you come to the conclusion that you’d like to outsource this area of the practice. It’s an option many firms find to be economical as well as more efficient.

Also you might be interested in learning that What to look for in legal billing software? This will give you a clear understanding on how to increase productivity with efficient accounting and billing solution.
In addition to the regular features offered through TimeSolv, we also offer TimeSolv Outsourced Legal Billing. Through this service, we will create your bills for you, which will go to you for approval, and then forward the bills to clients, who will then directly pay your firm. Learn more about TimeSolv Outsourced Legal Billing here/a>.

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