Best Option for Criminal Defense Legal Project Management Systems (CDLPM)

Written by Branden Wawrzyniak

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Criminal Defense Legal Project Management (CDLPM) divides individual criminal law matters n into various stages for better planning, organization, and administration of each task. Commonly used within industries like construction and technology, project management helps criminal defense firms provide their clients with an improved legal service experience, while also increasing matter profitability.

CDLPM starts with the development of an organized system that takes all aspects of common criminal law matters into consideration. Using past data about tasks, costs, and procedures, along with some attorney expertise, timeframes and budgets are established. Then, as new matters come in the door, criminal defense firms can easily implement these previously developed systems for greater efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Let’s investigate the ways in which project management features can improve the delivery of your criminal law firm’s legal service and the best tech tool for CDLPM implementation.

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Benefits of Project Management on Legal Billing

Project management holds many benefits for law firms and their clients, and the promotion of positive attorney-client relationships is one of the most impactful. Too often, billing disputes result from unexpected costs passed to the client at the close of a case. With project management functions in place, criminal defense law firms can conduct effective cost estimations to provide a comprehensive cost structure that prevents financial surprises on the backend. Clients appreciate this transparency, and it strengthens their trust in the firm.

Along with client satisfaction, cost estimation also helps law firm leaders be more thoughtful about the extent of legal services provided so that they charge fees that are based more on value than the simple calculation of billable hours. The preparation required to complete cost and time estimation also helps boost firm revenue by saving valuable time in the long wrong. Once in place, these systems do not have to be reinvented every time the firm secures a new client matter.

Flat fee arrangements are often offered by criminal defense law firms for smaller, less serious matters. CDLPM can be useful in this regard as well by providing firms tools to take a comprehensive look at what the case requires so they can establish a reasonable, yet profitable, flat fee. Even hybrid payment arrangements, such as merging a retainer requirement with a flat fee arrangement, can be improved with CDLPM. By using the system to set milestones and collect flat fees from the retainer throughout the case, criminal defense firms can position themselves to receive regular compensation for the duration of a matter.


Legal Billing Features Required for Effective Project Management

To successfully implement CDLPM, firms need legal billing software that supports the project management functions. For optimal project management function, the software should include these key features:

  • Smoothly integrates time tracking and billing procedures into the project management function.
  • Segregates matters into specific achievable tasks and deliverables.
  • Assigns these tasks to individual timekeepers for transparency and productivity.
  • Sets crucial target dates and milestones for each task and the matter itself.
  • Has monitoring features that permit firm administrators to oversee the progress of tasks and matters.
  • Budgeting features that set limits for tasks to guide firm members on the amount of time and resources needed on a matter or task.
  • Monitoring feature that notifies timekeepers when budget limits are being reached.
  • Reporting and forecasting capabilities that provide recommended methods of handling similar matters going forward.


TimeSolv is the Legal Billing Software Solution for CDLPM

TimeSolv’s legal billing software comes with an expanse of features and tools necessary for the successful implementation of CDLPM into your criminal defense firm. Of the many features offered, one top edge solution allows firm administrators to review projects in real-time. With this feature, firm leaders and administrators maintain a clear understanding of which tasks are underway and which tasks are pending. They can also monitor the time it took to complete specific tasks and compare it to the matter’s established budget.

When it comes to affecting profitability, consistent real-time reviews of projects enable law firms to identify any negative elements hindering profit margins to make proactive estimations and mitigate when necessary.

In addition, TimeSolv’s reporting features gives the firm opportunities to successfully plan for future projects. Through reviews of completed projects, administrators become more informed about the best processes and practices to adequately prepare them for handling similar projects going forward, promoting greater levels of efficiency, transparency, and profitability for future matters.


TimeSolv’s Legal Billing Software Adds Value with its Project Management Features

Successful implementation of CDLPM requires a software solution that supports project implementation in a seamlessly efficient and productive way. TimeSolv brings years of legal project management experience to your firm with specialized knowledge and innovation to develop a legal billing platform that fully supports the use of CDLPM in the delivery of your firm’s legal matters. Click this website link to learn more about all of TimeSolv’s offerings and features.

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