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How Billing Software Can Greatly Improve Small Law Firm’s Workflow

Written by TimeSolv Support

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There are a lot of things that attorneys do well: they do complex analyses of challenging situations; they can see through disorganized situations to get to the legal heart of a matter; they can deal with conflict and stress and work towards a resolution in the face of chaos.

What lawyers are not always great at is maximizing workflow within their firms. Improving workflow is not easy when you’ve got various lawyers working on dozens of matters, each with moving targets and challenging factors. The good news is that billing software can help improve your firm’s workflow in more ways than you might imagine.

Simplified Time-Tracking Means More Organization and Less Busy-Work

Billing software that lets partners and associates input their time through a simple interface via an app available on all their electronic devices – smartphones, tablets, and computers – makes it easier for managing attorneys to know who’s doing what, and limits the amount of time spent pulling together disorganized time records and inputting information into clunky platforms. TimeSolv time-tracking features let attorneys input their time from any device, even when they are offline, and automatically syncs time records.

Daily Reporting Features Promote Efficiency and Productivity

Attorneys who manage other attorneys almost always have their hands full staying on top of their own workload, much less on keeping track of what their associates and others are doing on a day-to-day basis, or staying on top of the firm’s financials on a constant basis.

Automatic reporting of hours and completion of tasks allows managers to know how goals are being reached on a daily basis without having to awkwardly intrude into others’ workspaces or cajoling them to stay moving. TimeSolv’s reporting features work on daily intervals, and keep track of complex firm-wide financials as well as individual employee productivity.

Project Management Features Keep Everyone On Task

In many small law firms, every attorney is carrying on big responsibilities of meeting with clients, attending hearings, conducting depositions and negotiations, and so on. There is rarely ever a person simply in a managerial role to make sure that tasks and projects are being met on time and within budget.

TimeSolv’s project management features make it easy for attorneys to keep track of what everyone in the firm is doing so that goals are reached efficiently and economically. Tasks won’t slip between the cracks, and work redundancies can be avoided, all while giving everyone a clear view of the big picture of meeting client needs.

What to look for in legal billing software?


Automated Invoicing Leads to Quicker Payments and Happier Clients

For most attorneys, having to put together client bills is the least pleasant part of the job, and can keep you from the more pressing, satisfying tasks of serving your clients’ legal needs. TimeSolv’s invoicing features allocate hours and other billables, minimize errors, and produce automated invoices, cutting down on the need for extended discussions with clients over the bill and more timely payments. And the best part is the batch billing feature that allows you send out all your invoices for the month in one click.

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