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How You Can Be a Better Lawyer With TimeSolv

Written by TimeSolv Support

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TimeSolv is a low-cost time tracking and billing software, used by lawyers and other professionals since 1999. Although lawyers have historically been some of the most tech-averse professionals in the business world, no doubt your law office has incorporated some kind of software into its practice and you understand the basic idea that automation is good.

But did you know that you can actually be a better lawyer with TimeSolv?

Now, of course, TimeSolv won’t teach you the finer points of the Uniform Commercial Code or coach you on your oral argument before the appellate court, but it does have a lot more features than you might think that will help streamline your practice and make you the best lawyer you can be.

Always Know Your Priorities with Project Management Features

Aside from its core functions of time tracking and billing, TimeSolv includes project management features which keep everyone on track of tasks for large and small matters. For most lawyers at smaller and mid-sized firms, they have a multitude of clients with any number of tasks that must get done. One small forgotten call or filing can range from creating inefficiency or delay to creating huge problems for your clients (and maybe even losing said clients). By incorporating TimeSolv’s project management features, you can focus on your work, knowing that your client’s priorities are being overseen.

Focus Your Energy on Lawyering, Not on Supervising Others

Smaller law firms do not necessarily have the luxury of staff members devoted to managing associates, and partners have more than enough to keep themselves busy without having to look over the shoulders of junior lawyers. With TimeSolv’s daily tracking and reporting features, you can know what your fellow attorneys are doing without having to stop by their office for the awkward check-in or taking time from your own duties. Instead you can focus on serving the client’s needs with the assurance other matters are being addressed.

Spend Less Time Dealing With Bills and Records

Legend has it there was a day when lawyers sent bills to clients for all work performed with just a description “for services rendered” and the client sent back a payment. Whether that legend is true or not, we all know that now clients demand highly descriptive bills detailing the work that is done and the specific time spent on it, and that clients even use services which will pore over legal bills to dispute charges. What this means is that managing partners spend hours and hours going over the bill both before and after it is sent to the client, trying to create uniformity and persuasive descriptions among the entries, and then still engage in back-and-forth with the client.

Obviously, your time (and happiness) as a lawyer is better served by focusing on the law and your client’s needs, not doing non-billable work trying to create a long, detailed bill and then arguing over it. With TimeSolv’s many automated time tracking and invoicing features, you can create automated bills in a fraction of the time, using input features available on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can create uniform entries, minimize mistakes, and increase efficiency across the time tracking and billing process, leaving you more time to develop skills, meet new clients, and manage your cases.

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