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Choose a Law Firm that Uses an Automated Legal Billing System – Here are 5 Reasons Why

Written by Erika Winston

5 min read

As a legal client, you may not be aware of this fact, but a lot of effort goes into law firm billing and payment processing. It’s much more than just writing out a bill and collecting payment. It also requires adequate time tracking, streamlined procedures, and the timely provision of invoices to clients. Numerous tasks and steps must take place for a law firm to properly invoice you for its services and collect your payment.  

While this may seem like a behind-the-scenes issue that does not much concern you, it is actually very relevant to your experience as a law firm client. When firms fail to implement appropriate legal billing systems, they open clients up to a variety of potentially negative consequences, including overcharging, a lack of transparency, and data security risks.   

You expect your law firm to handle your legal matter with a high level of skill and expertise. Well, you should have the same expectations for their legal billing systems, and here are five good reasons why:  


Reason #1 Accurate Invoicing

There is nothing worse than opening a law firm invoice only to find inaccurate or outdated information. Legal fees are notoriously expensive and you want assurance that the billable hours listed on your invoice represent actual time spent on your matter.  

Automated legal billing systems typically have tools built in to promote accurate time tracking and invoicing. With these tools, the attorneys working on your case can immediately track their time and record tasks completed. This alleviates the inaccuracies and uncertainties that result from relying on memory days – or even weeks – after the task was completed.    

These tracked times are then systematically transmitted into invoices. There is no need for firm staff members to enter time manually or reinvent the wheel for every billing cycle. The streamlined automated invoicing process prevents human error so that your invoices are accurate each and every time.  


Reason #2 Greater Transparency

Some automated legal billing systems feature client portals to promote transparency and consistent attorney-client communication. These portals operate by allowing you to independently log into a secured and personalized account. In your account, you can view invoices, case notes, and direct communications from the firm.   

By choosing a law firm that uses client portals, you are less likely to feel disconnected from the work being completed on your matter. You also don’t have to wait for return calls when trying to find general case information. Just log into your account – when and where it’s convenient for you – to find what you need.  


Reason #3 Timely Invoicing

It’s worth repeating that legal services can be very expensive and no one wants to have months of work piled into one invoice. This is a common problem for law firms that do not utilize an automated legal billing system. They become so bogged down with inefficiencies that they cannot get client invoices out in a timely manner.  

As a result, clients find themselves wondering whether any work is being completed on their cases. They also have to deal with larger, less frequent invoices, rather than smaller and more manageable requests for payment. Automated legal billing helps law firms streamline their invoicing processes so that bills are delivered to you on a regular and predictable basis.  


Reason #4 Quick and Easy Payment Process

Most automated legal processing systems accept a variety of electronic payment options. This means that the days of writing a check to a law firm or visiting the office to make a cash payment have passed. You can now use a credit card or checking account to pay your law firm invoices from the comfort of your home.  

For firms that offer client portals, payment acceptance provides another benefit for the client. You can quickly and easily make payments, while also maintaining a real-time record of payments already made. When law firms provide quick and efficient payment options, they empower you to make your payments in a timely manner. This not only helps with your budgeting, but it also helps maintain a strong relationship between you and the firm.  


Reason #5 Enhanced Security

The top automated legal billing systems make security and reliability a priority. They offer law firms and their clients a top level of data security for their confidential personal information, as well as their payment method data.  

For example, TimeSolv legal billing software is hosted by a state-of-the-art data center provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). They use a highly encrypted 256-bit SSL for data transmission between law firm browsers and their data center, as well as at rest on servers. TimeSolv is also PCI DSS compliant further assuring that your valuable data is consistently protected. 

Ask your law firm about the security of their billing system. It may seem like a strange request to make, but law firms have a duty to protect your data and you have a right to know how they are meeting that duty.   


Choose a Law Firm with the TimeSolv Billing Solution

Your law firm’s billing system contributes to the quality of service you receive, so you should expect the best. For two decades, TimeSolv legal billing software has been providing law firms with the best legal billing software. The company has been widely recognized by industry professionals and boasts security measures that have earned the trust of thousands who use its product. You need a law firm that takes its legal billing seriously and TimeSolv offers the most secure, innovative, and effective solution.  


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