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Choosing the right time tracking system for your law office

Written by Erika Winston

3 min read

It’s no secret that most lawyers despise time tracking. Conventional methods have proven to be overly time consuming, inefficient, inaccurate and just plain painful. Yet, many law firms cling to time tracking systems that clearly do not work… all in the name of tradition. Well, it’s time for a new tradition – one that makes time tracking convenient, effortless and precise. It’s time for a time tracking system that checks off these four important boxes, while bringing innovation into your law practice.

  1. Respect for your time – In a law firm, time is money – literally. Time spent on cumbersome tracking processes is potential profit out the door.  Let’s say you have five attorneys in your practice, each billing at $300 per hour. At the end of every week, each of these attorneys spend about two hours reconciling their time. Do the math. That’s $3000 worth of potential billable hours lost each and every week.TimeSolv’s legal time tracking program recognizes the value of an hour. With features such as customized abbreviations, simultaneous tracking of multiple tasks, and simplified device syncing, these folks help you minimize the amount of  time you spend tracking time.
  2. Mobility – Have you ever taken a client call during lunch and written the time down on the back of a receipt only to lose the receipt before properly inputting your time? With a mobile time tracking app, one touch on your smartphone starts the time running on your call. When you’re done, just stop the timer.  With TimeSolv, the mobile time tracker even works without an internet connection. When you return to civilization, the app will sync with all of your devices, so you can easily and accurately keep track of work completed in and out of the office.
  3. Easy bill creation –  The other inefficient and time consuming aspect of most time tracking systems is bill creation. Once a month, you are charged with the frustrating task of compiling each attorney’s time for the creation of client billing statements. With TimeSolv, bill creation is simple and quick. With a few clicks of the mouse, tracked time is easily converted into a customized invoice. Integrated ABA task codes assist with LEDES billing, while automatic tax calculations and discount codes eliminate the need for those pesky math equations. Best of all, there is no time wasted searching around for lost receipts and racking the brain’s memory. TimeSolv’s time tracking system has your logged time organized, complete and ready for payment.
  4. Budgeting tool – TimeSolv’s effective time tracking system considers your budget, as well as your time. Not only is it a highly cost-effective option, but it also allows you to set bill limits for the attorneys of your firm. You can create time limits for particular tasks or specific matters, so you can rest assured that desired budgets are being maintained. With numerous reporting options, TimeSolv also helps you review where your time and money are being, so you can make informed decisions that promote firm profits.

In case you missed the message of this post, choosing the right time tracking system means choosing TimeSolv. Click here for a no obligation free trial, so you can see for yourself how TimeSolv can make a difference in your practice.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, The Legal Writing Studio, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications.

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