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Transparent Client Billing

Written by Ron Reinart

2 min read

Have you ever included the statement “For legal services rendered” on a client billing statement? While this may seem like a reasonable explanation from your perspective, try looking at this wording from your client’s point of view.

Your clients spend substantial amounts of money for your legal services. When they receive your billing statements, they hope to learn about progress made on their case. It’s also safe to say that they expect an explanation for the payment amount you are requesting.  When your clients open their statements and see “For legal services rendered,” they are disappointed and potentially unhappy with the level of customer services that your office is providing.

According to a report by the American Bar Association, one of the most common complaints against attorneys is vague billing. Clients want a detailed explanation for your billed services. They want to know what they are paying for and how it is benefiting their legal interests. Unfortunately, this duty is often at odds with the busy and high paced nature of a law office setting. Especially in offices where billing statements created by hand use generalized language to save time.

The creation of a billing statement can be challenging. Depending on the dynamics of your office, you may have to review the tasks and calendars of numerous individuals to determine work completed before consolidating everything into a bill. When faced with the weight of this task, many attorneys choose to take the easier route with language like “For legal services rendered.”

TimeSolv offers an efficient and comprehensive solution to this time wasting problem. Its legal billing software allows you to create detailed client billing statements in a timely manner. Real-time records automatically update in an easy-to-navigate database with the completion of work in a client’s case. , TimeSolv conveniently logs all tasks in a central location, even if multiple parties are working on the same matter.  When you are ready to bill, the system creates statements that give your clients a detailed view of the work completed since the last statement.

Billing transparency is vital to overcoming client dissatisfaction about vague bills. TimeSolv Legal helps you create and maintain an above-average degree of transparency in your legal billing process. This level of law firm billing software is invaluable to keeping clients informed and confidently paying for your legal services.

Learn firsthand how TimeSolv can improve your firm’s billing practices. We offer a FREE 30-Day Trial Offer that requires no credit card or long term commitment. At the end of your trial, you can enter your payment information to continue with our highly recommended service or do nothing to deactivate your account.

TimeSolv law firm billing software can help strengthen and maintain the attorney-client relationship through the provision of detailed, transparent billing statements. If you choose not to handle this in house, you may be interested in our outsourced legal billing services.

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