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Cut through the freelancer clutter with simple time tracking software

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If you are one of the growing legion of freelancers, you know that the “gig economy” appears to be here to stay. And while “freelancer” is no longer considered a euphemism for “unemployed” as more and more freelancers are earning more for themselves than they would in a salaried position, freelancers still face big obstacles. Two of the more prominent challenges of the freelance life are: 1) cutting through the clutter of other freelancers in your market to demonstrate that you are indeed a professional worthy of getting the gig; and 2) making sure you get paid fully and on time when you do indeed get the gig. With TimeSolv’s time tracking software, freelancers can not only better demonstrate that they are serious professionals and not just wannabes throwing their hat into the freelance gig while they wait for a secure position, but also create professional-looking invoices, provide clients with automated approval and payment options, and get bills paid faster and in full.

Create Professional Invoices

Your clients want the job done right, and they want freelancers who can they trust to bill them properly and create a professional-looking work product. You know your work has to be more-or-less perfect as a freelancer to keep your clients from going with any of the other freelancers in your field, so shouldn’t your most important correspondence with your client – your bill – reflect that?

With TimeSolv, you (and your employees) can create beautiful, professional-looking invoices at the touch of a button, containing all hours tracked and expenses input from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. And don’t worry about having a generic, third-party invoice; with TimeSolv you can easily brand your invoice with your own custom logo.

Get Paid Quickly

Once you have completed your work, you can make it easy for the client to view your invoice and pay instantly through our client portal. In the client portal, you can allow the client to see as much or as little information as you want to facilitate payment, including the current invoice, past invoices, specific time entries, and details of your ongoing work. By doing so, you give the convenient payment execution that clients expect in our technological age while increasing your bottom line.

TimeSolv Seamlessly Integrates With Quickbooks

For freelancers who are already using Quickbooks Online or Desktop to run their business, TimeSolv will seamlessly integrate with your Quickbooks application. What this means is that you only need to enter an expense, a billable hour, or any other data into Quickbooks or TimeSolv and the data will automatically show up in both. This integration is bidirectional, meaning you only need to enter the data once in either program. Learn more about TimeSolv’s integration with Quickbooks here.

Optimize Your Freelancing with TimeSolv

TimeSolv offers backend automated office solutions that gives freelancers the tools they need to run their freelance business at a minimal cost. TimeSolv can help optimize your billing, collection, expense tracking, internal reporting, and project management efforts, and we offer free training to ensure that you are maximizing all the features that TimeSolv has to offer. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.

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