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Why is Easy Invoicing Software So Hard to Find?

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Solo attorneys, small firm lawyers, and other client-facing professionals have their hands full. They have to find clients, create proposals, service those clients’ needs, manage support staff, often all at once. This includes a lot of “business” work for professionals whose primary objective and background is in providing a professional service, not in having to deal in the nuts-and-bolts of more business/financial tasks.

Inefficient Invoicing Hits Your Firm’s Bottom Line

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Oftentimes, the only thing that keeps the office lights on for these hard-working professionals is getting their customers to pay their bills in full and (at least reasonably) on time. Providing quality services is, of course, critical to this function, but the billing and invoicing process can include far too many opportunities for mistakes, delay, and inefficiency which complicate the invoicing process and eat up your valuable time that is better spent on your work.

Issues that many professionals have about the invoicing/billing process face include:

  • Complicated bill allocation based on multiple timekeepers and inefficient timekeeping practices
  • Errors in invoicing, including redundant entries, incomplete entries, and delayed entries
  • Insufficiently supported expense tracking
  • Inefficient and slow internal and external approval processes leading to disputed and/or late bills
  • Inconvenient payment channels for clients, leading to delayed payments

Not All Invoicing Software Programs Are Created Equal

To be sure, many firms already have some kind of invoicing software program that they have purchased to help with their invoicing needs, but many of them find such software programs to be overly complex, not user-friendly, and lacking in proper customer service. Still others have yet to incorporate invoicing software as a result of seeing the hefty price tags on certain brands.

Some of the more common complaints that users of invoicing software have include:

  • Customer service not available throughout week
  • Don’t have time to learn complicated software
  • Can’t bring in support staff just to manage complicated technical requirements
  • Confusing and distracting features
  • No time to troubleshoot technical issues
  • Software not cost-effective for small firms
  • Customers cannot interact with software without purchasing software

An Easier Solution Exists for Your Invoicing Software Needs

The good news for solo professionals and small firms is that a solution does exist for their invoicing software needs which addresses their concerns and provides a low-cost strategy for streamlining their invoice workflow and maximizing revenue. TimeSolv offers comprehensive invoicing and billing software at an affordable cost for attorneys and other professionals.

TimeSolv lets you input and access information from all your devices – including Macs, PCs, Tablets, Androids, and iPhones – so that you can manage your billables anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Not only will TimeSolv simply your time-tracking and billing procedures, it provides a full range of features for project management, expense tracking, and more. See here for a full list of features your company can access through a low-cost subscription with TimeSolv.

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