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Enhancements to Invoice Statement of Account & Remittance Sections

Written by TimeSolv Support

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How to take advantage of the new features?

All of the new options are controlled by the Flexible Billing Template or other templates that may have created under Administration, then Flexible Billing Template.

1.    Global Setting

See screenshot below showing Global Settings for:

a)    Balance Due is for Included Matter(s) Only

Check this option for a matter-specific invoice to exclude balances for other matters.  This will be useful when a firm is dealing with a large customer with multiple departments and each department only pays for their matters.

b)    Exclude Trust Balances from Balance Due

Check this option if you do not want to include trust or retainer balances in the total amount due.  This option can be used for the situations where a firm needs to maintain a trust balance and wants the client to pay the full invoiced amount.

c)    Display Matter ID in Matter Names

Matter ID has been modified to include client ID also.  For example, a client ID is 1024 and the matter number is 101, the matter ID will be 1024-101.

2.    Statement of Account Section

See screen shot below of the updated Flexible Billing Template showing Statement of Account and Remittance Sections.

a)    Include Statement of Account

No change here.  Use this option to include or omit the Statement of Account Section.

b)    Don’t show Payments Applied section

Use this new option to display or hide the details of payments that were applied since the last invoice to the current invoice date.  This feature enables firms to show if an amount was written off from the prior invoice or if a payment was applied from the trust account.

c)    Show Trust Accounts

No change; use this option to display or hide trust account balance

3.    Remittance Section

a)    Include Remittance Section

i.    Omit Remittance Section if Zero Balance Due

No change on option to include Remittance Section.  New option provided to conditionally remove, if no balance is due.

b)    Client Name in Address

c)    Client Contact Name in Address

d)    Exclude Firm Address

The above three options enable to show or hide client name, client contact name, and the firm address.

e)    Show Open Invoices and Credits

Use this option to hide or display the details of each unpaid invoice and totals for credits

f)     Payment Instruction

No change

Please contact TimeSolv Support at [email protected] if you have questions or feedback.

Thanks for all your valuable suggestions.

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