Finding Good Mac Time Tracking Software Can Be a Challenge
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Finding Good Mac Time Tracking Software Can Be a Challenge

Written by TimeSolv Support

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In today’s fast-paced and mobile office environments, more firms are grappling with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology infrastructures. While employees using their own laptops and mobile devices can often reduce overhead, it makes IT deployment more challenging.mac time tracking software

For decades, offices were primarily based around the Windows PC, and IT professionals could purchase volume licenses for software and count on the fact that it would work at every employee’s seat. But the rising popularity of the iPhone and iPad both opened the door to having employee-owned devices in the office and created new converts to Mac computers as well. This, in turn, has changed the office landscape into a truly multi-platform environment.

The long history of the Windows PC office means that financial, time-tracking, and other business software options are overwhelmingly Windows based and often don’t work well with Macs. And while there are a small number of dedicated Mac time tracking software solutions, they are not cross-platform.

The rise of cloud-based computing offers solutions to the problems presented by multi-platform offices. Online software can work as both Mac time tracking software and Windows time tracking software— and beyond the cross platform there are many other advantages:

Scalability: Most online time tracking software is subscription based and gives companies the freedom to pay for just the services they need rather than buying multi-seat licenses. For most firms, this means online time tracking software is cheaper than in-house software.

Automation: When employees enter their billable hours in an online database, the billing process can be automatic. Invoices are generated and sent to clients automatically by email as a pdf attachment, which reduces the time it takes deliver invoices and to collect revenue.

Mobility: The ability to enter hours anytime, anywhere with or without the internet is a great advantage for companies who have travelling consultants, or remote and offsite employees. It also increases the accuracy of time entry for on-site employees by giving them the flexibility to enter time as they work.

Abbreviations: Customizable time entry abbreviations simplify the process of describing time entries by allowing timekeepers to enter abbreviations for frequently used sentences.

If you are looking for the best Mac time tracking software or are considering an online solution, TimeSolv offers a free 30-day trial with unlimited support and training that will convince you to make the switch to online time tracking and invoicing.  TimeSolv integrates with QuickBooks mobile for a complete online billing and accounting solution.

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