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How much does comprehensive legal billing software cost?

Written by TimeSolv Support

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If you are operating your own small firm or solo law practice and are considering updating your billing procedures to make them automated, easy-to-use, and efficient, then you are no doubt considering the question of: “How much is this all going to cost?” There are numerous legal billing software options out there with varying levels of features and effectiveness, and there are just as many price points out there which can tear a hole into your firm’s bottom line.

At TimeSolv, we know that solos and small firms are looking to maximize results while minimizing costs, and so we are pleased to offer low-cost comprehensive legal billing software which can meet any firm’s budget.


Legal Billing Solutions Priced to Meet Your Needs

TimeSolv offers a host of features for firms of all sizes – including automated time tracking, invoicing, reporting functions, expense tracking, and project management features – priced based on the number of timekeepers (attorneys, paralegals, etc.) who will be inputting time on the system.

Rather than requiring you to lay out thousands of dollars to purchase a bulky system with no support, we provide TimeSolv on a monthly subscription basis, which includes unlimited ongoing training and support. Our prices are as follows:

  • 1-4 timekeepers: $34.95 per timekeeper
  • 5-9 timekeepers: $29.95 per timekeeper
  • 10-14 timekeepers: $24.95 per timekeeper
  • 15-19 timekeepers: $19.95 per timekeeper
  • 20-24 timekeepers: $17.50 per timekeeper
  • 25-34 timekeepers: $14.95 per timekeeper
  • 35-49 timekeepers: $12.95 per timekeeper
  • 50-74 timekeepers: $11.95 per timekeeper
  • 75-99 timekeepers: $10.95 per timekeeper
  • 100 or more timekeepers: $9.95 per timekeeper

Additional savings are available for firms who purchase TimeSolv’s features on an annual basis, bringing costs as low as $8.96 per timekeeper per month.


Optimize Your Firm with TimeSolv

TimeSolv offers backend automated office solutions that brings big-firm innovation to all types of firms, no matter the size. We provide low-cost automated solutions to optimize your firm’s billing, collection, expense tracking, internal reporting, and project management efforts, and offer free training to ensure that you are maximizing all the features that TimeSolv has to offer. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.

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