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How to say ‘goodbye’ to database crashes

Written by Ron Reinart

2 min read


Databases crashes. You’ve been there. You’re in the middle of entering your time … running a report … creating an invoice … or doing one of the many important tasks that make up your day …

… until suddenly, the system crashes.

The data is gone.

Your time is wasted.

Now, you have to wait for IT to get it running again. Then, start all over.

Best case scenario, the downtime only lasts a few minutes. Worst case scenario, the system is down for hours or days while IT scrambles to restore a mountain of critical billing data that got corrupted during the crash.

Both scenarios are more than just frustrating. They’re costly. Your firm is losing time and money every time these crashes happen. And they’re eating away at your bottom line. Whatever efficiency you had hoped to gain by using an electronic time-tracking and billing solution is now being lost through these critical database crashes.

Whether it’s your own servers causing these crashes, or your providers’, it’s time to make a change.

Make the Switch to TimeSolv

If your current system is crashing, you should be worried. There is no reason why you and your team should have to deal with this costly problem on a regular basis. More importantly, you never know when the next crash is going to be catastrophic.

Switch to TimeSolv and see why customers around the world rely on our secure, highly available solution for their daily time and expense tracking, billing, payments, reporting, and trust accounting needs.

TimeSolv’s robust feature set, mobile apps, offline access, and ease of use make it the best billing software for attorneys, consultants, accountants, engineers and other professionals. And no matter what the scale of your operations or how many team members are using it, TimeSolv is also incredibly stable.

We use a state-of-the-art agile development environment hosted at Amazon AWS hosting results in near-100% uptime including maintenance, verified by third-party monitoring services. This means you can always rely on it to enter or access the data you need, any time of day, without worrying about the system going down unexpectedly.

First-class security protects your data, using highly encrypted 128-bit SSL for data transmission between your browser and our data center.

Learn more about our data security and reliability and test-drive TimeSolv free for 30 days to see how you can say goodbye to database crashes and make your time-tracking and billing management a lot easier, faster, and hassle-free.

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