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Why You Should Incorporate Project Management with Time Tracking

Written by TimeSolv Support

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In today’s busy world, keeping track of your billable time while juggling multiple pressing projects can seem like an impossible task. If you find yourself losing too much precious time every month to tracking your hours and creating invoices, it’s time for a new approach.

Enter TimeSolv. Our intuitive software is designed to allow you to easily manage your project and track your time while you focus on the more important things, like completing your work on time and on budget.

TimeSolv incorporates easy-to-use project planning and monitoring tools that help you keep your project on schedule and within budget. The project management software breaks each project down by task, so you can easily monitor your progress and efficiency. With everything laid out in front of you, you’re always on top of the big picture, allowing you to be flexible and organized, while still being able to tackle new problems as they arise.

One of the most crucial aspects of project efficiency is staying on budget. The only true way to do this is to keep careful track of your hours as you work. Time tracking shouldn’t be time-consuming, and it shouldn’t be something that you attempt to piece together at the end of a project.

TimeSolv offers the perfect solution, with intuitive software that tracks your time as you work, starting from the very beginning of a project. TimeSolv is designed to work the way you work—from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Our software allows you to effortlessly switch between your Mac, PC, iPhone, smartphone, or tablet. The clean, user-focused interface guarantees reliability, even when you’re on the go.

Time tracking doesn’t have to stop if you’re working offline. TimeSync, a downloadable desktop app, will continue to track your billable time even if you’re not online, allowing for accurate time and expense entries at any time.

TimeSolv will forever change the way you think about time tracking. It offers countless productivity-boosting features, such as:

  • Tracking time anywhere, whether you’re online or offline, and regardless of what device you’re currently using
  • Syncing everything with a single click
  • Planning your project in advance and budgeting hours for tasks before you start them
  • Saving time by customizing and automating the time tracking and billing processes, including:
    • Organizing and tracking hours by client, project, activity, or employee
    • Running multiple timers to simultaneously track several tasks at once
  • Viewing an entire project at once on a daily, weekly or monthly calendar
  • Creating limits on billable hours, ensuring that you stay on budget
  • Creating automatic invoices once certain set milestones are achieved

Project management that incorporates time tracking is the ideal solution for any professional who works on a billable hour basis. Our software is particularly popular with lawyers, consultants, accountants, and freelancers—professions that know the pains of juggling complex billing arrangements, time-sensitive projects, and multiple clients.

In an age where everything is at our fingertips and clients expect quick results, it’s time to make technology work for you. Project management with time tracking from TimeSolv allows you to spend less time counting your hours and more time ensuring that your clients are happy.

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