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iPad use has been surging by professionals such as attorneys and management consultants due to its light weight and ease of use. 33% of all attorneys now report using a tablet computer.  iPad is being used by 30% of all attorneys per 2012 ABA Tech Survey.TimeSolv Legal Software on iPad

So how are the professionals using their iPads ? Over 80% are regularly using an iPad to read e-mail and to browse the Internet. It is very interesting to note that an iPad is a great device as long as it is connected to the Internet.  Since its use is largely dependent on connectivity to the Internet, most online applications can be used on an iPad.

TimeSolv Legal online time tracking and billing software can easily be used as iPad legal software.  If you need to use TimeSolv when you are on the run or you prefer to be using iPad on a daily basis, you will be able to use any feature that you can access from your Mac or a Windows PC.

We have tested TimeSolv on iPad.  As an attorney or a professional service provider, you can easily create or view a client and their matters or projects. You can enter time and expenses, create and view draft or final invoices, automatically invoices or use the automated print and mail service to quickly get your invoices out. Invoices and reports in PDF format are displayed quickly and look crisp on iPad’s high-resolution display.  You can zoom in and out very easily just by swiping with multiple fingers.

Go for it and enjoy using TimeSolv as and iPad legal software.  Feel free to contact TimeSolv support if you need any help.

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