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Law Firm Goals for the New Year

Written by Erika Winston

3 min read

It’s 2016 and people everywhere are setting their goals and making resolutions for the new year. This is also an opportune time for businesses to set goals for the new year, including law firms. Review your firm’s progress over the last year and identify areas for improvement. The following are some potential goals for a legal practice.

Outsource those Tasks

Time is money and nowhere is this saying more true than in a law practice. Time spent on non-income generating activities takes away from earnings and profit. By turning over certain responsibilities to other business, your law firm can control expenses, practice better time management and focus on providing your clients with focused and valuable service. While not everything in a law office is appropriate for outsourcing, there are numerous opportunities available. Document management, accounting and even legal research can be successfully outsourced to the right company.

Legal billing software is another potential area for outsourcing. TimeSolv specifically developed Outsourced Legal Billing options with the needs of a law firm in mind. We understand how vital accurate time keeping and billing is to the legal profession. That’s why the system we created is easy to use and promotes billing transparency. TimeSolv offers time saving techniques that translate into time and money savings. With our legal billing software, your firm will see measurable results.

 Get Rid of the Paper

In a law office, some paper usage is inevitable, but if you take a close look at your office’s daily imprint on trees, you are likely to find several areas where your firm can switch from paper to electronic records. For example, document and contract drafts can contain hundreds of pages, and go through countless revisions by multiple reviewers. This process does not require the use of paper. Good document software can handle all of these tasks electronically, even among numerous people. When identifying a software option, look for one that converts scanned documents into searchable pages and editing capabilities.

The paperless option also applies to other office duties. Client contact software eliminates the numerous paper contact forms and the desk Rolodex. All of your client information is organized into an electronic database that is easy to search and access for client communications. One of the most useful paperless options is billing software, which does away with the need for paper invoices and time tracking.

TimeSolv legal billing software is the best system on the market to meet this need. The software allows for effortless time tracking, whether you are at your desk or on the go. There is no need to carry around a notebook or jot down tasks on whatever piece of paper is readily available. With TimeSolv, you can also do away with paper billing statements and customizable electronic invoicing that allows your clients to see their account information at their convenience.

TimeSolv is an invaluable tool for meeting your firm’s goals in the new year. Try out TimeSolv free for 30 days to see how we can help grow your business.

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