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Legal Billing Software Products: What Makes TimeSolv Different?

Written by TimeSolv Support

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If you’re ready to take the step of innovating and streamlining your legal practice through incorporating legal billing software into your practice, you may be looking at several different options for software out there. They seem to do the same thing, and offer the same features, so they must all basically be the same, right? Not quite. A closer look reveals that TimeSolv has the features and qualities that your legal practice needs to quickly and efficiently incorporate automated tracking and invoicing features and so much more. Below are the features you can expect with TimeSolv and that you should consider when comparing legal billing software products.

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TimeSolv has a reliability record of 99.9% uptime. And because TimeSolv is accessible to all firm members through their desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones, inputting time, project management, reporting, and invoicing capabilities are essentially always available.

Free Support to Learn TimeSolv

Support is available from one-on-one support staff members who can walk you through every step of incorporating all of the features available on TimeSolv. We are available from 9 AM to 8 PM EST throughout the work week, and are available by phone, email, or chat. There is no additional cost for this free support, and you can even access this free support during a 30-day free trial of TimeSolv.

Support to Migrate Old Data into TimeSolv

We know that you’re busy with keeping your legal practice moving along – servicing clients while attracting new ones – and that the old adage “you don’t change horses mid-stream” can keep you permanently on the same old clunky horse, because you feel like you’re constantly mid-stream. For lawyers, they may worry that incorporating new tracking and billing software will mean that they will have to use multiple systems at once and things will get lost in the shuffle. TimeSolv takes care of this worry, though, as we provide the tools and free support to migrate your old time tracking, billing, and invoicing data onto TimeSolv so that you can begin experiencing the ease and sophistication of TimeSolv while still having access to all of your old data.

TimeSolv’s Intuitive Interface

With TimeSolv, you have the ability to always keep your time-tracking software up on screen, while consuming minimal screen space. Rather than having to log into a separate system, TimeSolv lets you manage time at all times without getting in the way or requiring complicated procedures.

Competitive Pricing

TimeSolv offers competitive pricing that brings big-firm innovation to all types of firms, no matter the size. For a single time-keeper, you can incorporate TimeSolv and its support features for the low price of only $34.95 per month, or $31.46 per month when paid annually. Prices decrease as more timekeepers are included, going down to as a little as $9.95 per timekeeper per month.

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