Legal marketing techniques to increase your law firm growth
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Legal Marketing: Implement creative legal marketing techniques to increase your law firm growth

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6 min read

Marketing must be a part of any successful law firm growth plan. Without it, you cannot get your firm’s name in front of potential clients. Now, what I’m speaking about is much more than putting up a fancy website and leaving it alone to perform on its own. In this crowded legal landscape, you need to use a bit of imagination and creativity when trying to stand out to potential clients.  

Below are six creative marketing ideas for increasing your law firm growth.   

Previous clients are potential new clients  

There’s no such thing as a previous client in the practice of law. If you provide excellent legal representation, all clients become potential new clients. So, you should never discard client contact information.  

Legal issues come and go. That divorce client from two years ago may need some business advice next week… while that business client from last month now needs assistance drafting a will. No matter how long it’s been since you represented a client, always think of them as a potential new opportunity.  

To get the attention of these potential new clients, try sending out greeting cards just to say hello or send holiday wishes. You could also host an appreciation reception at your law office every once in a while or conduct a free informational session about a specific area of law. Then, invite former clients to attend. These small gestures just may turn into your next big case.  

Trade associations are networking goldmines  

Networking is a necessary part of attracting new business and new clients. If you’re not sure where to start, try visiting some trade association meetings. These events may have hundreds of potential clients gathered in one location for the perfect networking opportunity.  

Ask some of your current clients or community members about trade associations they belong to and meetings they attend. Ask if they wouldn’t mind introducing you to others within the group. Then, turn on your charm and get to networking. 

Provide Great Content  

I know that may not sound very creative, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t infuse some creativity into the content you put out to the world. Content is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. While regular blog posts are commonly used by law firms, why not try your hand at an infographic or a power point slide show?  

You can add a few graphics and bring an eye-catching twist to your content. Don’t worry. It’s not brain surgery. Just find one of the many free online resource tools for creating infographics and follow the directions.   

Remember that you can also expand the subject matter of your content. It doesn’t always have to be legal centered. Think about other topics related to your practice areas that may interest your potential clients. What questions so you commonly get in an initial meeting? Now, design your content around the answers.  

Use Social Media  

If nothing else, you should have a LinkedIn profile that showcases your expertise and career achievements. This information is searchable, and it could become the vehicle for new clients to find you on the internet.  

A Facebook page can also attract potential clients, while helping you to cultivate an online community. Just don’t set it up and leave it there though. Potential clients want to see updated content. They may also send messages and ask questions through Facebook, so make sure someone is regularly monitoring your page. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, find a social media manager to handle it for you.  

Establish a local presence  

Make yourself and your firm a staple within the community. That means getting out and being seen. Maybe you can sponsor a city-wide event or actively participate in a local fundraising campaign. The people you see out and about in the community have a lot of connections and those connections will probably need legal assistance at some point in the future.  

Don’t feel the need to participate in every local event though. That’s a quick road to overwhelm. Only choose events that you truly enjoy and care about. That way it feels more like fun than work, even though you are actually building your brand and reputation among community members.  

Create short online videos 

You don’t need an elaborate recording studio to make marketing videos. A smart phone or your laptop is all you need to produce a content-rich two-minute video. You can post your creations on You Tube, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also include them on your website to boost your firm’s search engine results.  

Turn on the camera wherever you feel comfortable. Whether sitting at your desk or outside in the park, a short video is a great avenue for showing a little personality along with your knowledge. Remember to talk directly into the camera, relax, and smile.  

Guest speaking 

Guest speaking is a great way to get your law firm’s name in front of potential clients while also demonstrating your knowledge and expertise. Professional speaking events offer an excellent opportunity to meet people and advance the reputation of your law firm. If you do a good job, one opportunity often leads to the next opportunity, so all you have to do is get started.  

Look out for local industry events like seminars, radio or TV shows, or podcasts. Send an email to the host communicating your desire to participate and what you can add to the event. If you’re really serious about taking this route, consider hiring a PR agency to identify opportunities.  

With a little creative marketing, you can put your law firm in the perfect spot for increased growth and more clients.

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