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Making the Switch to TimeSolv, Part I

Written by Erika Winston

3 min read

The legal profession is dripping with tradition. Multi-generational law firms continuously follow procedures put in place decades ago, and even new practices look to established legal routines when developing firm practices. For better or worse, lawyers commonly look back when making decisions about the future of their practices. While tradition has its rightful place, it doesn’t always equate to the most efficient and effective management of a law practice. Let’s look at legal billing, for example. When compared to the innovative features of TimeSolv, the “old reliables” really aren’t all that reliable.  Here’s why:



Many of the traditional legal billing software companies require a user license for use of their product. Typical prices range from $500 or more for one user, almost $800 for two users, and thousands of dollars for multiple users. Now, let’s add in all of the extras:

  • The cost of purchasing the server
  • Routine software upgrade costs
  • Maintenance costs when something goes wrong (technicians are expensive, especially on a Friday evening!)

With TimeSolv, you benefit from a cloud-based service. No expensive dedicated server is required. Updates are completed by the team automatically with virtually no interruption of your practice needs. When problems occur, TimeSolv’s unmatched customer service is available at no cost to subscribers, with numerous options to meet your immediate needs.



The server-based nature of older billing providers is extremely limiting. Their timekeeping and billing services only work on a limited number of computers, with no mobile device capabilities. Not many lawyers complete all of their tasks from a single desktop computer anymore. Instead they work from home, the courthouse, their favorite coffee shop, or maybe even the local park. Without adequate capabilities, mobility can result in guessed time tracking and inaccurate billing.

The cloud-based TimeSolv system supports mobility within you practice. You can track time and bill correctly, whether you are sitting at your desk in the office or on a blanket at the beach. Let’s look at some of the mobile features:

  • The TimeSolv Mobile App is available for iPhones and Android devices. With the press of a button, you can track client calls without writing on the back of a receipt or relying on your memory. It even works san internet access, so that long flight easily becomes billable working hours.
  • TimeSync Desktop App offers easy and convenient offline time tracking.The desktop application for Windows and Mac users lets you accurately track your time from anywhere, with no worries about weak wireless signals. When an internet connection becomes available, one click syncs the logged hours with your TimeSolv billing system

So, we’ve got cost and convenience. Seems like a winner to me. But just in case you aren’t convinced, stay tuned for Part 2 of this post for even more reasons why you should break from tradition and upgrade your legal billing software. In the meantime, click here to explore the numerous other TimeSolv features.


About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, The Legal Writing Studio, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications.

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