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Successfully Migrating Historical Data from Tabs3 to TimeSolv with the Tabs3 Converter

Written by Erika Winston

5 min read

Gone are the days when law firms were held hostage by limited legal billing system options… when attorneys had no choice but to endure exorbitant fees, limited features, and inadequate customer support. Today, cloud-based billing software like TimeSolv streamlines the legal time tracking and billing processes with cost-effective and reliable services.

While most firm leaders recognize the value of moving to a cloud-based system, many postpone the transition for fear of a convoluted, difficult, and unreasonably time-consuming conversion process. They worry about losing historical data and valuable uptime, so instead of moving to an innovative legal billing system, they choose to remain chained to outdated legacy software, like Tabs3.

The team at TimeSolv has worked tirelessly to put these fears to rest by providing law firms with a simplified, accurate, and effective conversion process. As the only legal billing cloud-provider that efficiently handles historical data migration, TimeSolv has developed a process that upgrades law firm time tracking and billing systems with minimal interruption and maximum effectiveness.

Years of research and trials went into creating a proven process that has helped law firms, solo practitioners, and legal professionals break free from the restraints of antiquated legacy billing systems. Now, the company has expanded its conversion process to include the migration of historical data from Tabs3 to TimeSolv.


The Tabs3 to TimeSolv Conversion Plan

With the TimeSolv conversion process, there is no cookie-cutter plan of action because there are no cookie-cutter law firms. Before the process begins, their professionals communicate with practice leaders to learn their specific needs and concerns. They then use that information to create a detailed timeline for the auto-migration process. When the strategizing session is over, attorneys have a clear understanding of the conversion plan and what steps will be taken to migrate their system from Tabs3 to TimeSolv.

The conversion process involves four major steps:

  • Step #1 – A Timeline to Stop Tabs3

The upgrade process needs to involve minimal interruption of the legal practice. Clients expect consistent service, so firms cannot afford to be down for extended periods of time. In addition, prematurely stopping Tabs3 can leave law practices without valuable time tracking and billing capabilities. To meet this need, the TimeSolv professionals analyze the technical aspects of the conversion plan to determine the most appropriate time to stop using Tabs3.

  • Step #2 – Uploading Historical Data into TimeSolv

Once a timeline is established, the TimeSolv professionals begin the process of uploading client data from Tabs3 into the TimeSolv database. They guide attorneys through this process as well, ensuring that they understand exactly what will occur when it will occur, and how it will occur. The auto-migration process is designed to upload the data in a way that minimizes downtown within the practice. TimeSolv understands that law firms must continue providing client services during the conversion process, and they have created a system where that can happen.

  • Step #3 – Reviewing the Uploaded Data

TimeSolv’s support doesn’t end when the conversion process is complete. These professionals then compare the historical information to the uploaded data, looking for potential issues that could negatively impact the practice. They carefully review the uploaded information for completion and accuracy, so firm leaders can feel confident that their data is precise and accessible in the TimeSolv system.

  • Step #4 – Going Live

The completion of migration and review means that it’s time to go live with an innovative and cost-effective cloud-based legal time-tracking and billing system. With a continued commitment to customer service, TimeSolv maintains numerous resources to ensure that every member of the practice understands how to properly use TimeSolv. The company offers extensive technical support, with customer service representatives who are conveniently available to answer questions by email, telephone, or virtual appointment.


TImeSolv’s Tabs3 Converter Tool Benefits Law Firms

In a recent announcement about the Tabs3 Converter Tools, TimeSolv CEO Raza Hasan stated, “When it comes to cost-effective legal billing software, firms are ready to make the jump because not only is the subscription incredibly affordable, but we have features that are unparalleled in the industry. Offering a full conversion of all data is the icing on the cake.”

Three years ago, the company designed an innovative conversion process for Timeslips users, and since that time, their professionals have successfully migrated hundreds of firms from TimeSlips to TimeSolv. Increasing demand for additional full conversion options led to the Tabs3 conversion tool.

“Migration options are just incredibly important when considering a move to new legal billing software, and we want to be able to ensure the type of move that gives a firm peace of mind,” explained Hasan. “Our track record of being web-based time and billing for over 20 years, combining with our conversion capabilities puts us in a really good market position.”


TimeSolv Conversion Experts have Streamlined the Process of Migrating Law Firm Data

TimeSolv has already successfully migrated Tabs3 data for several law firms. Their conversion process has provided these legal professionals with accurate accounts of all historical billing and timekeeping data.

As more attorneys and firm leaders seek the best use of their financial resources in the era of COVID-19, the demand for Tabs3 conversion to TImeSolv will likely grow. Attorneys no longer have to depend on inefficient and costly legacy systems like Tabs3. They can now convert to the efficient and profitable benefits of TimeSolv’s cloud-based legal time tracking and billing system with a migration process that is collaborative, stress-free, affordable.

Click this website link to see what other legal professionals say about TimeSolv’s conversion process and learn how about making the move from Tabs3 to TimeSolv.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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