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Legal Billing | 1 min read

Modern Payment Trends: What this Means for the Legal Industry

Written by Scott Clasen

1 min read

Think about the last time you paid a bill. Did you pull out cash to carefully count it? Did you write and rip out a check from your checkbook? Or did pay with a credit or debit card—whether that payment was made in person or online?

The way that people are paying for things, even for professional services like yours, are changing. And while you might not have thought that the payment methods you offer clients could have much of an effect on your business or your clients’ satisfaction, recent studies are telling a different story.

Our partners at LawPay put together the following infographic to show how current payment trends are affecting lawyers and their clients.

Want to offer your clients a modern payment experience while you get paid for your work faster? TimeSolv partners with LawPay to give lawyers a simple, secure way to accept online payments without having to leave the TimeSolv platform. To learn more, visit LawPay here.

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