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New Usability Enhancements deployed in Aug, 2011

Written by TimeSolv Support

1 min read

Work in Progress (WIP) on Accounts Receivables Report

  • Firms need to know how much a client owes include unbilled time and expenses.  Now you have the option to include WIP in the Accounts receivables report.

Smarter Bill Deliver Method – Only show email option if there is an email address on the draft invoice

  • Billing admins were frustrated to see that an invoice cannot be emailed after they tried to send a batch of bills. They had to click on the draft invoice to find that the client contact on the draft invoice is missing email address.  Now, if the email address is missing, delivery by email is not visible.  This enables the users to fix the draft if they decide to send it by email.

Invoices – not show credit as negative balance due

  • Based on customer feedback, instead of showing credit as a new balance due, it now shows as a positive number as Credit Due to Client.

Payment allocation to matter only

  • TimeSolv allows for payments or trust deposits available for one matter to be allocated to another matter.  Now you have the option to allocate payments to only the same matter that was selected to deposit the payment.

Invoices – show blanks instead of zeros for hours and rates

  • To make the invoices easier to read, now zero rates and hours are shown as blanks.

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