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Online Invoicing Software Saves Time and Money

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Online Invoicing Software Increases Efficiency, Streamlines Billing Processes, and Reduces Lost Billable Hours

More and more professional service firms are looking for ways to capture more billable hours, and get invoices out efficiently and on time. One of the best ways to increase billing efficiency is to invoice online. Online invoicing software offers many advantages over software deployed in-house.Online invoicing software - invoice created using TimeSolv

Lower cost: Generally, online invoicing software solutions offer monthly subscription rates—because it is online it is easy to deploy and scale to your needs. Online solutions usually beat the cost for multiple seat licenses and in-house deployment.

Greater flexibility: Professional service firms focus more on delivering services to clients than they do on setting up robust billing infrastructure. The typical result is that billable hours get lost, resulting in loss of revenue.

By moving to a system that lets you invoice online, you can give online access to each employee that needs to track billable hours. This means that an employee can enter billable hours into the system at any time, from any location online or offline. The best solutions feature offline time and expense entry so that hours can be entered and synced later when an Internet connection becomes available.

Improved accuracy: Immediate time entry increases the accuracy of tracked billable hours because employees don’t struggle at the end of the week to remember the time they spent on projects. And because all billable hours are logged and accessible in real-time, it allows billing administrators to check for missing hours on a weekly basis.

Online invoicing software can also automatically notify billing administrators of missing time, allowing them to address the issue immediately, rather than finding out after creation of invoices. This means that invoicing online helps ensure that you bill your clients for actual time spent rather than relying on memory and guesstimates.

Streamlined processes: Another advantage of moving to online billing software is that it helps automate the invoicing process. Good online invoicing software automatically generates invoices from all billable hours for  a client or matter/project. This streamlines the billing process by reducing the time crunch billing administrators face when creating invoices from weekly time sheets.

Professional firms that move to online invoicing solutions find real value in reduced software costs, capturing more billable hours, and having a simplified, and accurate billing system.

Are you considering moving to a billing system that allows you to invoice online? Software for time tracking and billing is a highly competitive market that is driving vendors to release simpler and easier to use online software. Most firms find that the more comprehensive software solutions meet all of their time tracking and billing needs.

TimeSolv offers the most comprehensive online invoicing solution available today and offers a free 30 day trial to prove it, with unlimited training and support. We’d be happy to help your company transition to online billing.

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