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Selecting Billing Software

Written by Raza Hasan

3 min read

When identifying billing software for your law office, don’t automatically choose an older, traditional software. Newer options are available and it’s in your firm’s best interest to perform due diligence and research what they have to offer. The most efficient way to approach this task is by reviewing what each software package provides within specific categories.

  • Time and Expense Entries – One of the top characteristics of an effective billing system is the ability to efficiently enter time and expense entries. TimeSolv billing software provides abbreviations and the copying of existing entries to quickly create entries. You can also classify your fees as billable, non-billable, fixed fee or not chargeable for better organization and tracking.
  • Project Planning – Project planning allows you to create and manage individual projects with task assignments, time keeping and client billing at predetermined milestones. This feature also allows you to set financial limits for tasks to ensure that projects stay within budget.
  • QuickBooks Integration – The popularity of QuickBooks dictates a billing system that easily works in conjunction with the accounting software. With TimeSolv, you can synchronize expenses and payments into QuickBooks on your desktop or online. Conversely, you can sync expenses entered from QuickBooks into TimeSolv to save time and ensure accuracy.
  • Client Portal – Transparency strengthens your law practice by promoting confidence from your clients, which in turn leads to repeat business, future referrals and timely payments. With TimeSolv, your clients have online access to their detailed invoices and can make payments with ease. They can also view their trust account balances and work completed before it is included on an invoice.
  • Online Payments – Most billing platforms have no method for accepting online payments from clients. This feature promotes timely collection of fees and replenishing of trust accounts. TimeSolv stands out from the rest in this area as well. In partnership with LawPay, the platform eases the payment process for clients and even allows for automated recurring payments.
  • Reporting – TimeSolv allows your staff to run up to 27 reports, each with multiple filters and output formats to customize and tailor the information specific to your needs.
  • Invoicing – Accurate and comprehensive invoicing is key to payment for work completed. Effective billing software minimizes the amount of time your staff must spend on this task. TimeSolv allows you to create batch invoices with only a few clicks of the mouse. The software also allows for a variety of invoicing formats and automated client emails with customizable messages.
  • Productivity – The right billing software increases productivity within your practice by providing an up-to-the-minute view of daily, weekly and monthly time and expense entry totals.
  • Downloadable Applications – In today’s digital environment, it is unlikely that you and your staff are using a single computer for all work on client cases. For this reason, it is important to have effortlessly downloadable software to work with or without internet access onto a variety of devices and computer systems. TimeSolv covers a wide range of devices, and is compatible with Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, PC and MAC computers.
  • Approval Processes – In a law practice, it is imperative to have an approval process in place that promotes accurate billing. The right billing program can make this task less time consuming and challenging. With TimeSolv, approvals for time and expense entries can be nested up to 10 levels.

When compared to other billing platforms, TimeSolv far exceeds the expectations of an effective law practice billing system. Learn more about how we can serve your practice needs and try out TimeSolv free for 30 days.


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