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How Solos are Modernizing Their Practices With Legal Billing Software

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Solo attorneys can face greater challenges than their law firm counterparts, but can also enjoy greater rewards. These rewards include financial incentives like being able to keep the billables earned for work on behalf of clients, rather than having a majority of those billables siphoned to partners or having it go towards expensive overhead for large support staffs and real estate.

And then there are the things that money can’t buy: being your own boss, choosing your own clients, and the pride of creating a practice shaped by your vision and hard work.

Focus on Servicing Clients, Not Administrative Work

But then there are of course the challenges. When you’re a solo, you’re not just an attorney; you’re an entrepreneur and business owner and operator. Aside from the financial risks that this entails – namely attracting a steady stream of paying clients – this puts a lot of responsibility on the solo attorney to be taking care of non-lawyer office and management tasks at the same time that he or she is trying to service clients while attracting new ones.

Before proceeding further, you might be interested in learning that What to look for in legal billing software? This will give you a clear understanding on how to increase productivity with efficient accounting and billing solution.

At TimeSolv, one of our missions is to make life easier for the solo attorney by lessening the burden of managing the labor-intensive yet non-billable tasks involved with creating and approving legal bills, managing support staff, tracking expenses, and creating internal reports.

Bring Law Firm Efficiency to Solo Practice

With TimeSolv free legal billing software, you are able to automate and streamline the type of office management functions that you would normally see in a law firm environment, but without the added costs.

TimeSolv gives solo attorneys the ability to incorporate the following features to improve office efficiency and let you focus on the work of representing and attracting clients:

  • Creation of invoices
  • Approval of invoices
  • Expense tracking
  • Project management
  • re Internal reporting (hours, productivity)
  • Client payments

Because TimeSolv is accessible and sync with all of your devices – including your desktop, laptop, tablets, and smartphones – and all of the devices of the people you work with, you can manage your solo practice no matter where you are.

So even if you’re in a deposition, at trial, or with a client, you have the ability to deal with and respond to all kinds of office/administrative tasks in real time, even if you’re far from the office.

Empower Your Support Staff

Depending on your practice area and perhaps your client base, if you’re a solo attorney, you probably have a very light support staff, and perhaps even a staff of one (or none!). Your staff may be scrambling to cover all the relevant tasks for managing your office at once, and may even be learning on the job all the skills associated with servicing your clients and increasing your revenues.

Because TimeSolv is so intuitive with the way that it automatically creates invoices, tracks expenses, and provides tools for internal management and reporting, your staff will be empowered not just to carry out tasks that would normally require more manual labor, but also to learn new skills without you having to look over the shoulder and take time away from your legal responsibilities.

For more information on how TimeSolv can modernize your solo practice, schedule a free demo today.

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