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Staff Turnover Costs

Written by Ron Reinart

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2 min read

Read Overhead Costs Part One

A comprehensive law firm billing software system should provide much more than simplified legal billing services. It should also offer tools that assist in building and maintaining the worth of your business. This is the second in a three-part series about the ways in which TimeSolv Legal can help you reduce your overhead and strengthen your business.

Staff Turnover

Administrative staff turnover can drain a law firm budget. A report by the Society for Human Resource Management estimates that the total cost of replacing one $8 per hour worker can reach more than $3500. They also estimate that the cost of replacing a salary level worker is on average 30% of their annual salary. These substantial figures represent expenditures involved in the termination process, along with the necessary tasks of recruiting and hiring a new person. However, a large portion of this cost is the expense of retraining, as well as lost services to clients.

TimeSolv can help reduce the staff turnover costs with these valuable features:

  • Comprehensive Customer Support Options – TimeSolv offers an unparalleled level of customer service provided by experienced and knowledgeable representatives. Our customer service staff is not only highly trained, but they have helped numerous law firms navigate the useful features within our legal billing software. Whether by telephone or through live chat, agents are available to assist new staff members with software related questions they may encounter while learning the system
  • Availability – TimeSolv customer service is available during the times when you need assistance. Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 8pm EST. Email support is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 10pm EST.
  • Knowledge Base – The TimeSolv Knowledge Base is always available online with a wide range of support and training topics. New support staff members can review a highly informative list of FAQs, or read more than 150 categorized instructional articles. TimeSolv has done half the work for you with educational pieces, written by members of our knowledgeable customer service agents.
  • Online meetings – For a personalized training session with a company representative, TimeSolv offers online meetings. With screen share technology, an agent can walk your new staff member through specific processes, without you taking time away from the income generating business of the law firm.
  • Uninterrupted Client Services – With TimeSolv, customer billing information does not walk away from the office with a former employee. TimeSolv allows you to remove a timekeeper easily from our law firm billing software to protect the integrity of your legal time and billing records. Additionally, through the Client Portal, your clients are able to view their account’s billing data at their own discretion, regardless of changes to your support staff.

TimeSolv is constantly working to provide a purposeful law firm billing software that helps your business thrive. Try our services free for 30 days to find out we can help you reduce your overhead costs.

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