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The Biggest Timeslips Problems & How To Fix Them

Written by Erika Winston

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The challenges of COVID-19 highlighted the importance of effective legal billing software for law firms. Without it, firms found themselves without the tools they needed to adequately track time, create invoices, and collect client payments.  

For decades, many lawyers have chosen Timeslips for their legal billing needs. But even with years of legacy behind them, complaints about the platform have been abundant, especially during the pandemic. From cost to usability, the problems with Timeslips are plentiful… but there is a simple solution to all of these problems. 

Big Problem #1 Purchase Costs

The cost comes up time and time again among the problems commonly described by Timeslips users. Those costs begin right up front with the initial purchase of the software. The subscription costs hundreds of dollars for the first user and increases from there depending on the number of additional users. It’s an amount comparable to other legacy legal billing systems, but for solos and small practices facing the financial strains of the pandemic, this can be a prohibitive investment. 

Big Problem #2 Server Costs

In addition to the cost of the subscription, new users also need a dedicated server for the platform, along with all of the necessary operating systems in place. A good server can cost thousands of dollars, along with the extra expense of professional installation. 

Once the server is in place, there is the cost of keeping it in working order, which can run between $100 and $1000 per month. These expenses can increase significantly if the server crashes or malfunctions, requiring additional repair costs. Tack on the collateral expense of not having access to the firm’s billing system while it’s broken 

Big Problem #3 Lack of Training

It’s not unrealistic to expect some level of training to be included in the cost of purchasing Timeslips. However, according to many user complaints about the platform, this is an unmet expectation.   

Timeslips is notorious for its steep learning curve. Most users need some assistance in learning how to properly use all of its features. But one of the company’s biggest problems is its failure to provide adequate training and ensure that subscribing law firms can effectively utilize the software. In fact, this problem is so widely known within the industry, that numerous outside companies have popped up to provide Timeslips training 

Big Problem #4 Tech Support Costs

Customer service complaints also center on technical support. These include grievances about unreasonable wait times and exorbitant technical support fees. According to reviews, subscribers must pay for Timeslips technical assistance or contract an outside company to provide technical services.   

Adding to this problem is the company’s upgrade policy. As the system is upgraded each year, Timeslips reportedly stops offering technical support for older platforms. In addition, numerous reviews state that the system becomes excessively buggy and filled with glitches at the one-year mark. Here is a quote from one user’s review:  

My least favorite thing about the program is that it is very slow and constantly freezes. I have to then wait several minutes to use anything else on the computer, or I have to manually exit the program a few times before it will work after freezing.  

Once again, customers are forced to choose between two expensive options – either pay for the upgrade or contract an outside technician.  

Big Problem #5 Usability

The lack of training, added to the lack of tech support, creates a usability problem for Timeslips. Here is a quote from one user:  

There are a lot of different functions in the software that I don’t know how to use or what their purpose is. The office manager has a lot more control over the program so employees can only access certain things.  

Firms need an effective legal billing system to streamline their billing and collections procedures. This has become even more vital during the pandemic with members spread out in different locations. When lawyers are not able to adequately use the TImeslips platform, whether due to a lack of training or inadequate technical support, the firm payfor a system it cannot effectively utilize.  

Big Problem #6 Lack of Mobility

The unique challenges of the pandemic also require a level of mobility that Timeslips cannot provide. Its server-based system prohibits firm members from utilizing it when working remotely away from the office. Here are quotes from two user reviews:  

“We had some problems with Timeslips after closing our office and changing to remote only offices. We had been using it on a server, and when we tried to change that, it caused a lot of errors and we lost a lot of time trying to make it work. 

“It is desktop-based only. No cloud functionality and the only way to connect to it is by using RDP if you have a separate desktop and laptop that you take home.” 

Remote working arrangements require legal billing software that can be accessed remotely. When firm members are spread out in various locations, the Timeslips server-based system causes a big problem.  

Fixing the Big Problems

Law firms can fix the problems of Timeslips quickly and easily by making the transition to TimeSolv legal billing software. TimeSolv provides all of the tools and resources that law firms need to address these problems while streamlining their invoicing process. Here are some of TImeSolv’s solutions:  

  • Affordability – TimeSolv offers a much more cost-effective alternative to Timeslips, as well as other ineffective legacy billing systems. Subscriptions start around $30 for a single user, with affordable increases for additional timekeepers. 
  • Cloud-based – TimeSolv’s cloud-based technology removes the need for an expensive server, as well as the costs associated with maintenance and repair. 
  • Customer Service – TimeSolv offers comprehensive training for all firm members upon purchase of your subscription. The website’s Knowledge Base also includes valuable resources and tools to help users quickly deal with problems and concerns. For additional assistance, the company offers urgent online and telephone-based support seven days a week from knowledgeable representatives.  

An Easy Transition

TimeSolv fixes the Timeslips problems with a simple conversion process. A company expert guides firms through every step of the process, providing skilled advice on the transfer of data, along with an assurance that the TimeSolv system works exactly as it should.   

Click this website link to start fixing your Timeslips problems with a TimeSolv conversion. 

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