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TimeSolv Legal mentioned on Mac Group

Written by TimeSolv Support

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I am using TimeSolv timesolv.com for timekeeping, invoicing, trust accounting, client costs and payments.  It downloads into Quickbooks.  It works perfectly on my iPad.  The company is fantastic with customer service; they even trained my bookkeeper on a Saturday (remotely).  The company trains each user and is available for questions and more training.  Actually, the company is more available than I am.  When I call with a question, someone usually calls me back several times before I manage to find time to respond.  Very attentive.

I’ve mentioned here before that I am capturing far more time than before I switched.  TimeSolv is multi-user, multi-platform because it’s a web application.  Fees can be different for each timekeeper and/or each client.  Highly customizable.  The invoices are detailed and professional, and automatically include past invoices, payment history and trust fund payments.  No need for statements with this level of detail.  The company is willing to hear from its customers re future improvements.

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