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Tip of the Week: Abbreviations

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

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2 min read

TimeSolv allows users to save a list of abbreviations to use while entering Time or Expenses descriptions at both individual and firm levels so you don’t have to waste time entering lengthy and mundane descriptions. This can save you a great deal of time while helping maintain a consistent language in your firm. You can utilize these abbreviations both on our online app, as well as our TimeSync desktop and phone app. The whole process of creating abbreviations is simple and straightforward.

To create abbreviations at a firm level, you need to head under Account>Settings>Abbreviations tab. Here, you would simply need to add the phrase you wish to abbreviate, the abbreviation for it, and save. Checking or unchecking the ‘Active’ checkbox allows you to monitor the status of any saved abbreviation. Within the firm, each Timekeeper can add specific abbreviations for their personal use.

For that, go under Account>Timekeepers>[name]>Abbreviations. From there the rest of the process is the same as above. It’s just as simple to apply all your abbreviations to your Time and Expense descriptions too. Under the Time/Expense Entry screen, hover over the paper icon next to the ‘Description’ box to view the list of abbreviations added to your account.

You can also import in a list of already existing abbreviations you may have used with your old billing system, as well as pull a report showing a list of narratives with your saved abbreviations.

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