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Tip of the Week: Avoiding duplicated Client and Matter contacts

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

1 min read

TimeSolv has just rolled out a solution for all those users who often end up duplicating their contacts on the Matter level when the same contact had already been created under the Client level. This duplication was happening because there was no contact visibility for Client contact on the Matter contacts screen. 

If a Client contact exists, that contact will now appear on the Matter contacts screen as well, unless there is already a Matter contact created. 

If a Matter level contact is created, then the Client contact will not be displayed.

If there is only a Client contact, then this contact will be used by default for sending out invoices.

If a Matter contact exists, then this contact will be used by for sending out invoices.

TimeSolv likes to make our system as transparent and user-friendly as possible, and we are sure that our users will be pleased to find a clearer and more defined method of adding contacts to different levels of the system, i.e. Client level and Matter level, without confusing and duplicating the same contacts. This all benefits a smooth and accurate billing process by ensuring all contacts are correctly chosen when sending invoices out.

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