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Tip of the Week: Creating Matter Plans

Written by Scott Clasen

1 min read

While construction and engineering firms have been using project management processes for decades, the idea of planning the work for matter using project management principles is a relatively new concept for lawyers.

Today’s Tip of the Week looks at how you can leverage TimeSolv’s project management tools to clearly lay out the tasks that need to be completed for the matter.

When viewing a matter in TimeSolv, you’ll see a tab labeled Matter Plan (or Project Plan for those using TimeSolv Pro). This is where you can lay out your plan of action for the matter.

You first want to determine if you want to require your professionals to be assigned to these tasks and if these tasks are required on time and expense entries.

After that, you’ll see in the left corner where you can create phases, plan tasks and milestones for your work. This allows you to break the work down to bite-sized chunks and organize into obvious phases of the work. You can also save a plan as a template to reuse later when doing similar work for a different client.

Once tasks are created, you can choose to budget how much time, fees or expenses each task requires and assign to your professionals.

TimeSolv allows a much more organized way to manage the work on a matter long before the work begins. Start leveraging these tools and you’ll find yourself becoming more efficient.

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