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Tip of the Week: Custom Rates on Task Codes

Written by Scott Clasen

2 min read

Task Codes (also known as Activity Codes) are predefined work descriptions that are associated with time entries and may optionally specify a rate for the work being described. A Task Code, by default, has no rate associated with it. However, TimeSolv does support hourly and task based Task Code rates with the goal of providing the flexibility of additional rates.

If you actively use different task rates, you will need to select the correct rate type on the client/matter page under Clients>Clients & Matters, then click on a specific client or matter name you wish to use a custom task for, and select Task then Timekeeper Default from the Rate By field.

To set up those custom rates on Task Codes, click on Time>Settings>Task Codes.

If you click on the specific code you wish to create a custom rate for, you will see a small window pop up with a Rate By field. This will give you the option to set the custom rate by task or hour. Above that field, you can specify the rate amount.

Return to the time entry page and specify the same Client/Matter you just setup for the custom task rates (above), and specify the task code you have just set up the custom rate for (above). You will notice that after these selections, the Rate box has been auto-populated with your custom task code rate.

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