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Tip of the Week: Document automation

Written by Scott Clasen

3 min read

TimeSolv is excited to announce our Tip of the Week is a great new feature included in our latest release. We’ve created a document automation system that allows you to easily insert client and matter information to letters you send out frequently. Let’s review the steps to set this up within TimeSolv.


Step One: Create Document Template

If you’ve ever done a mail merge or document merge using Word, you’ll find this process similar. If you’re unfamiliar with document merges, don’t worry, it’s pretty easy!

First, you need to navigate to our list of merge fields available in TimeSolv. To do this, click on Documents -> Settings and then the Merge Fields tab. You’ll then see a long list of the various merge fields we offer. The left column tells you the merge group, Client, Matter, User and Date. The second column lists the actual field name you’ll insert into your document. The third column shows the field value. You can see what information will display for each client and matter by choosing your matter in the field above these columns. Finally, the last column with the two documents icon is where you copy the field name to insert into your document.

Document automation merge fields

Now, you’ll want to create or open a document in Microsoft Word (you could do this in a Google Doc but you will need to download it as a Word document to use as a template in TimeSolv) and write your copy. Wherever you may need to insert data from a client, matter, user or the current date, copy the field name using the copy icon in TimeSolv and paste it where it’s needed in your document. You’ll end up with a document similar to our sample Welcome Letter below.

Word doc merge fields

Save this document and now you’re ready to upload to TimeSolv!


Step Two: Upload Document Template

When your document is ready with the merge fields in place, simply click on the Templates tab that’s right next to the Merge Fields tab in the Documents -> Settings area. Click on the New Template icon in the upper right corner, click Choose File and navigate to where you saved your template. Name your template and assign any tags you know you’ll be using everytime you create a document from this template.

Document automation template screen


Step Three: Creating New Document from Template

Now is when the real fun begins! Once you’ve uploaded your document template, click on Documents -> Documents and navigate to the client, matter and folder where you’d like to store this new document. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the TimeSolv Document Management or our Dropbox integration, our document automation works for both. Now, when you select New Document in your matter, you’ll have the option to upload a file or create from template. Toggle the Create From Template button. You’ll then see a list of the templates you’ve uploaded to choose from. Once you’ve selected your template you have the option of creating it as a Word document or PDF. Name the document and enter any description you’d like. You’ll also notice if you created tags for the template, they will appear now in the Tags field. Feel free to add more tags if you’d like. Save your document.

Creating your document from a template

You’ll see your new document in your folder and when you download the file by clicking on it’s name or view the document by hovering over the magnified glass icon, the merge fields you placed in the template document will now have been replaced by the specific information for the client and matter you’ve chosen.

Document automation screen

This document automation feature will help your firm be much more efficient when it comes to document creation. No longer do you have to type the name of your clients, their address, and other details when you create documents you use frequently. Once you’ve created your templates, you’ll have the freedom to generate documents with detailed client and matter information in seconds!

If you’d like more help on our new document automation feature, call us at 1.800.715.1284, email us at or schedule a FREE 30-minute support session.

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